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As you say it is difficult some times to avoid buying Chinese made. But I just missed in the listing that it wasn't States side and shipping direct from China. I'm still corresponding with them and here is my last message to them:

I have now removed the metal plate (picture attached) that holds the button in place to raise and lower the shield . The shield is in it's proper position and is contacting the "linkage" which is behind the liner. I believe the liner is glued to the shell Because it does not move. I cannot determine how the mechanism and shield are supposed to engage for the shield to move up and down WHICH IT WILL NOT DO.

I am finished working with this helmet and retract my previous acceptance of your offer.

Here are my offers.

Give me a full refund $54.99 and I will throw this helmet in the garbage

or Pay my account $92.99 and I will ship this back to you

or ship me a NEW WORKING REPLACEMENT HELMET no charge, and pay my account $37.50 to ship this one back

or ignore all 3 of my options and I will let E bay/PayPal handle it.

I expect your response on Monday 6/19/2016"

It's cheaper to replace the decals, then build up a little sled. The first time I rode a snowmobile was 7/4/72. It was a 71 488 Polaris Charger.
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