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96 xcr 600 extreme flooding

ok I have cleaned carbs, I put in new needle and seats in all three carbs, I replaced all the mounting flanges, and all the hoses, I tried different fuel pumps, I check the floats for leaks, the flats are set right according to the book. heres what happens, after all that, I will start it up it will run fine for a while, then after a while the rpms will drop, I take out the bolts in bottom of motor, that let fuel out if flooded, a little gas will come out, if I let it sit all night, it will fill up the crank so bad it leaks out exhaust, and then when I take out them flood bolts, it will shoot gas out and I mean a lot, like it drains the tank over night, and will have a pile of gas on floor, not to mention how much comes out after I take out flood bolts.

so assuming floats are adjusted right, needle and seat new and working right, and fuel pump is working right, no rips in diaphragms, what else can cause such flooding, crank seal? I did spray carb cleaner no change in rpms. I am completely lost on this, any ideas would e greatly appreciated. thank you.

forgot choke are adjusted, and I got new choke and throttle cables.
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