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: Different Polaris Clutches

12-19-2003, 07:25 PM
I've been trying to figure out which Polaris OEM clutches will work without problems on my '97 Storm. Polaris has so many different #'s at different prices that I'm confused.

To my knowlege there are:
- ones with narrow and others with wide rollers
- ones set up for a thicker belt (like Storms,
- ones with an extra lip or boss at the tapered hole (newer twin motors)
- ones with the clutch weight pivot location 3.19" away from the cover surface, others at a different location (like 1990 650's)
- ones with bosses to mount a ring gear (for starter motor)
- ones with thicker cover bushings
- and then the whole list of heavy duty ones (forged spider,

Are there any Polaris clutch gurus out there (possibly someone in the business)?

Stock part # is: 1321722
This crosses over to: 1321740 (a very expensive clutch - $680 Cdn)

Wahl Brothers says their XC wide roller clutch will bolt right up and work fine. I called them up and they measured a bunch of features and it looks like it will fit fine. Part # is: 2201886 ($299.99 or $403 Cdn). Everything in the list above seems the same.

The wierd part is I've been told that 2 cylinder XC clutches have a boss where the crank fits in that is supposed to not work on tripples. This clutch doesn't seem to have it. Will a clutch off a tripple typically bolt up to a twin motor, but not the other way around?

My local Polaris dealer says the 2201886 is a "warranty repair" clutch that's only supposed to be used to repair some specific TSB. They couldnt' tell me what machine or anything else about it - other than it is a lot cheaper.

So - what's the diff between the 1321740 and the 2201886? Just price? When were the 2201886 and 1321740 available for sale (trying to figure out if the 2201866 was an early wide roller upgrade)?

Thanks for any information,


12-20-2003, 07:30 AM
Steve, for whatever it's worth, if you know the application for both clutches you are trying to figure out, I ususally look at the puller recomendation for each to determine correct fit. I can tell you for sure that the bore depth that the taper starts at is much different on the Liberty twins compared to the Storm, and am reasonably sure the Ves and non Ves triples use different clutches...

12-20-2003, 01:29 PM
Unfortunately I don't really know the application for 2201886. Wahl Brothers call it an XC wide roller, but since it doesn't have the XC's extra taper length (going towards the engine), I can't figure out what it is from.

If you check the part number at the dealer all it comes up with is some wierd non-descriptive name saying something about a warranty repair kit (not even a clutch).

Although the guys at Wahl were really great, spending the time to measure a number of features with me over the phone, I've now found out the Polaris part numbers for what they are selling at Hi Performance Engineering (Hi-Performance Engineering Polaris Drive Clutch (http://www.hiperf.com/acatalog/Online_Catalog_Polaris_Drive_Clutch_131.html)).

It turns out their part number 800-408 is Polaris 1321740 - exactly the clutch that my dealer is selling for $1200 Cdn (best price after phoning around local dealers was $680). The big news is instead of $1200, they are selling it for $299.75 US (~$400 Cdn) and they are offering free shipping. I also phoned around a little more (in Canada) and found I can buy that $1200 clutch for just under $600 at a dealer in Northern Ontario.

Why the heck there is such a huge difference in price is beyond me. Someone is making big bucks on markup I'm sure.

I kindof feel guilty of taking advantage of the guys at Wahl (they spent almost an hour on the phone, measuring things up), but I'm probably going to buy the stock clutch through Hi Performance Engineering. It should be a simple swap weights and springs and install - little chance of any clutch alignment issues, etc.

The only question left in my mind is - is the 2201886 (Wahl Brothers) better in some way, possibly stronger, etc. They are the Polaris OEM racing team and build high performance custom sleds. There might be a reason (other than price) that Polaris recommends they sell this particular clutch (although according to them it's basically a stock clutch as far as their concerned - they carry many other stronger ones).