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: Helix & spring thoughts

01-16-2002, 09:53 AM
Do you defeat some of the gains of changing the helix when you install a spring with a higher compression force to keep the belt from slipping in the clutch?

Like going from a 36* helix & silver spring, to a 45-36* helix & silver/blue spring.

The two springs have the same radial tension, But the silver/blue has higer compression force.

So if you have a higher angle for faster upshift and a spring pushing harder to keep the sheaves closed, (to keep belt from slipping) What have gained from the change??

Just wondering.

01-16-2002, 03:03 PM
GJR, as you go from the 36 to the 45-36 the stiffer spring is usually added to stop belt slip. *If your motor can pull its RPM through the range with the stock spring fine but it may not backshift as well. *And yes you are right when you say the two shouldn't work against each other and that is what happens if you don't test correctly. *It just waists power transfer if clutches aren't set properly. *When the secondary is fully shifted and you are at the overdrive ratio the belt doesn't really need alot of side force anyhow. I tried a T-1 in my old XCR, geared down one and man that was fun. All it took was some experimenting.