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: Aggressive chasis suspension?

01-23-2002, 06:28 PM
Anybody try a different rear suspension in an aggressive chasis. *I have a '97 SPX and i am thinking maybe an M-10 or retrofit an edge or at least a *PPS rear shock. *I don't mind the weight of the sled and actually love it on the lakes and groomed trails, but when the moguls show up...this thing is a tank.

01-23-2002, 07:42 PM
I just put an M-10 on mt '94 XLT and love it. It soaks up everything I throw at it and I am a heavy (250 lbs) and very aggressive (former MX rider) rider. I don't have any experience with the edge or extra-10 suspensions so I can't speak for them but I know you will not be disappointed with an M-10. They are a bit pricey but to me it was worth every penny.

01-23-2002, 08:57 PM
I've been able to squeeze 400 miles in on a fresh instalation of the M-10 so far this year on my 99 800 XCR. We got off to a rocky start, but since have been able to get it dialed in close to what I expected. It's completely lost the playful weight transfer game I used to play with the setup on my original suspension. Although I miss that, in trade for that, I now have a machine I can ride aggresively all day long, without getting beat up on bad trails. It handles as well or better than Xtra-10. This sled has brought new meaning to the word 'grin' for me. Incredible power coupled to a chassis also capable of a corner at speed, and doing it without getting beat up? I can't ask for any more.


01-24-2002, 05:56 PM

Which M-10 did you get? (fox, ohlins, etc.) *Did you update the front suspension at all? *How does it hook/transfer weight off the line? *I have heard the Xtra-10 is a much better drag suspension. *I know it is impossible to have the best of both worlds, just wonder how much it suffers.

01-24-2002, 09:58 PM
Mine is equipped with the Fox shocks. The sled has not got the perky "ski lift at will" tendency any more. I rode mine with the rear stop removed. Like I said in the last note, I miss that. Weight transfer is now just OK. I had hoped to maintain some of this playfulness(not that I've given up on that idea. Like I said, I'm only into this for 400 miles or so).

What I received in exchange for the loss of big weight transfer so far more than makes up for it. I had installed the M-10 in the hope of building an extreme trail sled. I think that is what has happened. The capability I now have on trails in any conditions easily justifies this loss. It's not that I can go through the rough a lot faster, it's the fact that I can do it all day long without feeling beat up. Speaking of fatigue, the vibration and noise levels are very low with this big motor. I'm turning 500-1000rpm less than the smaller triples at trail and cruise speeds. Fuel milage is the same.

I used to run the front spring adjusters all the way down using the Xtra-10 suspension. With the M-10, I'm playing with that setting (and a lot of others). Right now they are set up pretty high, about 3/4 of the way up. It seems to stay pretty flat off jumps. Like you suspect, I was a little concerned about the capabilities of the stock front end at first too. That concern has proven to be a complete waste. The front end has not been an issue. It handles as well or better than anything I've been on. *

Installation is not for the timid or the person who is not pretty sure of his mechanical abilities. Mechanical abilities also required to properly sort things out after installation.
Great for tinkerers.

Did I mention how much I like this sled?


01-25-2002, 01:09 PM
I rode a m10 over christmas and it was great I really like it, but you will have to fork out over a grand for it! I have and edge with the fox clicker and I think it really works well!!! You may be able to put the edge suspension in and save some $$$.