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: Polaris helix on a 650

01-28-2002, 06:17 PM
OK heres my setup 10 with the underline I believe they are 50 gram weights blue primary and red secondary both primary and seconday are rebuilt with stock 34 degree helix... It over revs when you nail the throttle up to about 9000-9200 rpms and is slowly drops back to 8300. All i Want is to get rid of the over rev condition Just wondering what helix would be better the 42-36 or 44-36 and going up to a 34 to a 36 this will lover my revs at the final shift. I apperciate any help I can get thanks

01-28-2002, 07:35 PM
Try the 44-34 . *The steeper initial angle could get rid of some of your overrev. *The 44 will be better than the 42 for shifting and you shouldn't have a problem with backshifting cause the 44 is still a good trail riding helix offering good backshift qualities. *I've been told to stay with the same final rate as stock when changing helixes. The final rate of 34 should keep your revs in the right range at the top end. * *See if any of your buddies have some laying around and spend a few hours changing them around. Then you can have the one you liked the best. Polaris made a helix T-1 which was a multi angle helix from their storms (I think) 42-36-34. *Just be sure to add two extra shims if you try this one out.