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: A can of worms?

02-06-2002, 08:23 AM
I was out last weekend watching the guy's on the lake racing, and had a brilliant idea (that's the scary part). I just wondered if any of you have ever, or know of anyone that has used a XLT chassis for a drag sled. Will ANY Polaris triple fit? BOTTOM LINE...........Is it worth it to try (just for fun)? Or sell it and look for an older 800 triple/triple.

Oh, don't know if it matters, but it's a '97.

Thanks, Butch.

02-06-2002, 03:58 PM
1. I'd look for a different sled for a base, the suspension isn't really designed for the performance you'd be looking for, unless you converted to Xtra-10
2. This will be a specialized sled. Almost useless on a trail. Are you prepared to give up trail riding?
3. Can you say MONEY$$$$$ ? These things break and consume parts a lot differently than a trail sled. If you hope to be competetive, think pipes, porting, studs, etc.
4. This takes time and skill, lots of it, especially when starting up.
5. Are you prepared to lose, a lot, at first?

If you can get past the above, GO FOR IT!!! *I'd suggest starting with a twin, they're cheaper to keep running and fix when blown. It's huge fun, and a lot of great people.


02-06-2002, 09:46 PM
Butch- if you sell the xlt, what's your daughter gonna ride? LOL *http://www.snowmobileworld-s2.com/forums/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/smile.gif

02-06-2002, 10:14 PM
She actually rides with me on the MXZ (I don't want to poison her mind by letting her ride a Polaris)Ha Ha http://www.snowmobileworld-s2.com/forums/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif Micha....I use my MXZ for the trail. The XLT has been ridden once this year by my wife....30 miles. The rest of the time, one of my buddy's rides it. I figure he can get his own and then I could have TWO to play with. If I do this, it wouldn't be for serious racing. Just something to take to the lake for the day and grudge match, if you will. I also thought it would be a good way to learn more about clutching and other things without tying up my trail sled. It may evolve into nothing, just thought I'd ask to see if it was even possible. I've also been thinking about getting another Banshee. We'll see. Thanks, Butch.

02-06-2002, 10:16 PM
By the way...... any thoughts or opinions of a good twin to mod. that would be relatively inexpensive to start with?http://www.snowmobileworld-s2.com/forums/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/confused.gif

02-06-2002, 10:22 PM
If it's for fun, go for it, I would even reccomend putting a tripple in a 1970 chassis just to turn a few more heads http://www.snowmobileworld-s2.com/forums/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif * * Makes me think of a 175 CC motocross engine I manage to cram in a ct 70 trailbike *http://www.snowmobileworld-s2.com/forums/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/wow.gif

02-07-2002, 01:13 PM
This would be the wrong place to discuss a full tilt Banshee,
but if it weren't, My God, are those things a blast! Same thing there though, you wanna play, your gonna pay....

If I were going to get started in some lake racing with a clean slate, I'd probably be taking a hard look at a Polaris 600 twin. Quick out of the box, big enough to scare you if you do something stupid (to keep things interesting), and responsive to inexpensive mods- just like the Banshee, only not as much grit in your teeth after playing for an afternoon!

If you're a big guy, say 225+, or a certified adrenaline junkie, again starting with a clean slate, you might want to look around for a Storm w/Xtra10. They can be bought right with careful shopping. Haven't decided if going to the 800XCR is worth the money on a lake. The extra cc's and horsepower would be more forgiving of a rider's extra weight. They are sturdy. It WILL take some work to get it sorted out, and God help you if you scatter it in the process. The end product is worth it though. They are definitely impressive on the ice when properly set up, to watch, OR ride.

My 2c.


02-18-2002, 08:38 AM
Butch 800,
I have a '97 XC 600 triple that blew 2 sets of pistons, a rod and a crank bearing in less than 2000 miles.
Said to #### with the triple and swapped it out with a brand-new '99 XC 600 twin. Best decision I have ever made!
I got two new motor mounts made and it pretty much bolted right in. The entire sled feels different and runs right past any XC/XLT with those sh***y Xtra Lite Triples. Ended up costing me about $1500.00 total but by the time I sold my old engine, pipes, etc. I basically broke even.
In short, GO FOR IT!!