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Rick K
05-13-2006, 04:59 PM
Few pictures after the ride with old Roy and Hap Ryan... w00t

[attachmentid=28095] w00t
[attachmentid=28096] w00t
[attachmentid=28097] w00t

Rick :sarcasm:

poor farmer/logger
05-13-2006, 07:48 PM
Looks like you've been going threw some crazzy stuff Rick. So what did you look like when you got home?


Rick K
05-13-2006, 08:52 PM
not to clean Ryan we had some fun though...will take my old dig with me on one of the rides...plastic bag & all...


poor farmer/logger
05-13-2006, 11:05 PM
My brother usually takes his old film camerea with him. Doesn't cost as much to replace and if it gets a little wet there's not much for electronics to go to heck on it. I'd take mine out with me but I'm always scared of somehow wiping out on my bike for some reason and landing on it. Those dig cameras are tough but I don't think they'd take 250 lbs to well. :ohmy:

I don't know if your bike had drum brakes or disc brakes, but if it has drum it's not a bad idea to take out the drain plug on them and drain any water and maybe even try to wash some of the mud out of them. Just somethig I thought I'd mention in case you had drum brakes.

As long as you had fun that's the main thing.


Rick K
05-14-2006, 11:29 AM
took mine out with us once when Claudette came along took a bunch of pictures and don't ask me why but I deleted them when I was done down loading them smart eh...

disc brakes Ryan I just had all the wheels off and your right I guy should take your wheels off and clean man I had binder all kind of bad things in there I do wash it after most rides....today I think I will go to the car wash in warren she needs it ....plus I need some fresh air too....I will have to cut the grass when I get back so I think I have my afternoon taken care of...

We had a blast all we need is for it to warm up some ....

here is the spec on my Quad Ryan


it even has the tire sizes Ryan


Rick K
05-14-2006, 03:13 PM
Here you go Ryan I took a few pictures of the tires for ya ....plus one of the clean Quad too...



[attachmentid=28142] :hallo1:


poor farmer/logger
05-14-2006, 08:53 PM
Hi Rick, that's a mean looking quad now with them new tires on there. :D

Checked the tire size today and your rims are 1" bigger then ours so unfortunatley that's a no go. I was hoping they would fit, those ones of yours are just like new yet. I guess the old ones will go another summer. :)

There can be some nasty stuff build up in them brakes, sure reaks havoc on them too. I don't think disc brakes are as bad as drum brakes though.

The temp has acutally been not to bad here lately. Few nights where it's gotten pretty cold out but the afternoons usually warm up pretty good now. The wind comes up just about every day though that's the part I don't like.


Rick K
05-15-2006, 09:39 PM
Yes Ryan it looks better now but I'm still shocked how it goes though the mud in 2 wheel drive .....I used to have to use 4x4 ....

To bad now they have to mess up my garage...only so long I will find a new home for them...

no the brakes are doing well I keep them pressure washed out...

It's been cool here we have had frost a few nights...

Went out to Brandon today on work have not been there in some time sure has changed .... seen Summit out the way working on some pipeline...lot's of work out that way...

Getting better still a little under the weather though...


poor farmer/logger
05-17-2006, 09:52 AM
Does it float any better with them new tires on or do you still sink down in the mud?

Yes it is to bad about them tires, hopefully you can find a good home for them out there.

We had frost a couple of weeks ago when we had that little bit of snow, since then it hasn't dipped down that cold yet. Kind of cloudy here this morning I don't know if it's going to rain or what it's going to do.

There's a auction coming up in Roblin that I would like to go to. It's a sawmill auction. There's a guy there that also has a track for my old skiroule that I'ld like to pick up. Don't know if we'll go or not though. It's on the end of may.


Rick K
05-17-2006, 10:34 AM
Yes it sure does Ryan ....not as bad ....sure to bad you could not use them but what do ya do....I will try to find them a home...

your talking Roblin Manitoba do ya have a link for that one Ryan...

Roy,Dan, Hap & myself went out last night for a ride she sure is drying up around here....3 weeks ago where you had a rough time there is no and I mean no water there....we got on a trail we have not been down and yep we found water.....Roy was right to the top of his seat dead in the water....boy did we laugh...he's 84 acting like he's 48...Hap got stuck in the deep hole too...Dan & myself made her though but just she was deep ..

To far to go back we where looking right at the highway it was 100 yards away...we got home just after dark it was fun...


poor farmer/logger
05-19-2006, 12:15 AM
Here's a link to the sale Rick, yes it's in Roblin Mb. Hodgins auctions has the sale. They're from here. auction (http://www.farmauctionguide.com/cgi-bin/hodgins.cgi?sec=v&type=c&id=barrie&anum=1146003711)

The ground is really drying out here too. Still a long ways from a drought, but all that extra water we had is disapearing pretty quickly.

Crazzy old bugger ehh Rick :D :D As long as he's having fun I guess ehh. Probabaly keeps him young.

Good to hear that your having a blast in the mud, You'd hate to get in to deep though and fill up the engine. She'd be a long ride home getting pulled threw the mud not to mention all the ribing you'ld get. :D


Rick K
05-20-2006, 10:38 AM
Thanks Ryan I will have a look...

yes she still drying right up going places you would not dream of...

Yes Ryan, old Roy I have told him slow down a few times he scares me w00t ....so I put him behind me and throw mud at the old bugger....he was standing on he's seat the othe night in water so I winch him out...

We went out last night Hap and myself had a great ride around 130 k's up around Inwood back around midnight the 2 old timers did not come...

Rick :hallo1:

poor farmer/logger
05-21-2006, 11:49 AM
You and hap are sure out putting the miles on ehh. I haven't been out much on my bike the last couple of weeks. Haven't had time to do any riding. I was thinking about putting it in the back of the truck and going up to the forestry today but then I remembered that we've got the fuel tank in the one and the welder and other stuff in the other one so they're both filled up.

I hope that's not a sign of what's to come this summer, always scared of drought. I'll take that over a early frost though. :(

Some guys just can't slow down, some if they did they'd probablay die off pretty quick. I don't know what it is, but we've got a couple of guys around here like that. Not quit as wild but still just a giving er. I don't think they'll ever slow down. :D


Rick K
05-21-2006, 05:10 PM
Yes Hap likes to ride he says it's nice to get away from the shop stress relief he said...me I just like to see the country sure is pretty....

Yes Ryan she is drying up very quick around here I think it going to be dry this year....floods last year.... fire this year...

wow we had frost last night pretty good too...

Yes they should stop and think some time...

Picked up a set of ramps for the Quad yesterday at Costco just over the 100 bucks not to bad...can load it in the back of the truck.....

Ok do you want to laugh ok my bother in-law works at red river collage high up there....well he phones me a few weeks ago and asking these question you did train the MMF on Heavy Equipment right ...yes Rob I did well my boss wants to meet with you....I said I seen it in the paper Rob they are not paying enough for the Instructor...tell him to up it once again and they just might get some one....

Well yesterday our other phone in the house is ring & ring I push *69 it's a Ashern number after about 15 times of this I get pissed anybody who wants to talk to me has my office number in the house and it has a answering machine on it or they can call my cell...

So I call this number well to funny it another training school they want to know if I would be interested in doing some heavy equipment training for them....so I ask this lady how did you get my name well it's one of my buddies moms...so we had a long talk they have there funding in place red river was to do the training for them but they are having problems finding Instructors.....so we have a meeting on Wednesday with her they might come our way...it's going nuts here....

Mulder Construction took the first job for the year on the floodway for 12.5 million and there is 3 more out to tender on the west dyke ....James Bay Cree is in town they are huge ....summit is looking they are huge....mla northern looking and bid on the last one Mulder pick up...

just to funny don't know what way I will be going I do know one thing it won't be sitting in a seat operating though...


poor farmer/logger
05-24-2006, 09:39 PM
Wow Rick, sounds like you got them all fighting over ya. :D Maybe you can auction your self of to the highest bidder. Who ever comes threw with the best wage wins. :D :D

Went out on my dirt bike tonight for a relaxing little ride. Got home just in time though. By the time I put it in the shop my front tire was flat on me. Just somethign else to fix I guess.

No frost here for a while. Hopefully it stays away now because the crops are coming up now.

Just made a set up ramps for the bikes this winter, I got my brother to bend a couple of pieces of alluminum checker plate for me. It's 10" wide by 1/4 thick. I put a rough 2x10 on it then. Total lenght was 6'2. That was as long as I could go otherwise they wouldn't go in the new dodge. That's how long the box is on it. I might put some 1" channel iron on it just for extra traction. There's a little hook in the middle of them so I can tie them to the bumpper so they can't spin out on me. You've got to be careful with them. I had one ramp spin out on me last summer. The bike slid back down and landed on the back tires. I jumped back and held it from going over the rest of the way. Just something to think about.


Rick K
05-25-2006, 06:15 PM
No everyone is gone to Alberta to work it's hard to find people here Ryan...

I here ya you do get sick of fixing all the time...

got hot here yesterday but cool today...

Busy around here too...gonig out for a ride now that's production.... :lmao:


poor farmer/logger
05-26-2006, 01:20 AM
It's bad around here, cause we've got so much stuff to go threw all of the time. Seems there's always something that needs a oil change or something welded up or ??? We can never get caught up it seems.

Was out in the field driving around in the truck this afternoon while dad had traded me off. Drove down to the sk. river bank, that's right on the edge of the land tha I farm and here was a great big brown bear. It wasn't to scared at all. It just sat there eating away untilll the engine on the truck speed up all of a sudden then he took off into the bush. Sure was a nice looking animal. We've got another big brown bear on our own quarter of land north of home. They've been around for a few years now. Don't seem to hurt anything though.


Rick K
05-27-2006, 06:51 AM
Just give them time Ryan they will do something that will make you guys mad...I seen a white bear in Jackhead first nation a few years back they say it rare to see one like that...

Looking at some loaders yesterday wow it's been a few years ....I climb in a 980H unreal ...I said makes me what to go back to operating...

well that place called today and wants to meet about training it looks like I will be going back to that very soon...I'm looking for a new rv I sold mine to my younger sister last summer ....might need a place to stay if I go do the training....we will get a live out like I was getting with Summit pipeline...


05-27-2006, 12:03 PM
Thats a nice grizzly you got there. My buddy has one he wants to sell. There all going to buy racing quads now. If I had extra money I would buy it off of him but I just don't think I could swing it. How much did you pay for yours by the way if you dont mind me asking. I think his is an 03 possibly. Do you have any idea what it would be worth? Its in descent shape but the fan motor or something is cooked in it. If you could let me know that would be great. Have a good day and will catch yah later.

Rick K
05-27-2006, 01:12 PM
it's a 06 ... 660 came with the cameo paint they say it's a 350 option & a 2500 lbs winch & a 5 foot blade all for 10,000.00 plus that nasty thing called taxes....

As for your buddies Quad well a person would have to see it before he could say what you think it's worth...


poor farmer/logger
05-27-2006, 10:57 PM
Hi Rick, those new loaders are sure nice. I sure like running our Volvo and it isn't even as fancy as some of them out there. One option that Volvo had when ours was new was, you could have two arm rests. One controlled your loader arms and bucket and the other was your steering and gears. Was just a little toggle switch that you moved back and forth to steer left or right. You never even have to touch the steering wheel. I'm just as glad that ours doesn't have that though. To much of a headache and to much money to fix. We priced out the left controll on the steering column because the previous owners got it busted up a little. It was 700 and some odd dollars. Needless to say we're making the old one work.


Rick K
05-28-2006, 02:45 PM
Yes they are Ryan nice but remember last winter the problems we had with the 5-n's cats boy they where junk...to much computer stuff in them..the D-5-H are 10 times the machine...

Working on some more training stuff it's going to go nut's here right away I know that.....been talking with Glen about renting Equipment off of him...we still get along very well...

going to go out for a ride to town on the Quad boy it's getting wet around here you must have shipped that weather down this way....


poor farmer/logger
05-29-2006, 12:41 PM
That's the trouble with the new stuff. It's great for the operator but sometimes not so good for the owner. Wasn't a whole lot to go wrong on them ol cats other then mechanical things. Just hop on hold on and go.

You should have lots of mud to play in now again Rick. :D


Rick K
06-03-2006, 02:13 AM
yep your right that new stuff is junk in my eyes Ryan... :bash:

Yep we have mud again.. sweet went out for a ride last night with the boys we got back after midnight.....Sure like them new tires...wow do they go though stuff :D

heading out today for a ride again....everyone is over the flue cold what ever it was :hallo1: w00t ....so we should have the fire works tonight


poor farmer/logger
06-05-2006, 01:31 PM
You should be up on our swamp quarter Rick. Lots of mud to go threw there. Few trails to go threw on too. That's the one that I was talking about in the other post. Only thing is, is you have to watch out for moma bear and her 3 cubs. They live in the bush on our land now. Moma bear was out in the field watching me when I was harrowning. Sure was a nice looking animal. I didn't have my camear with me in the tractor otherwise I woul've snapped a couple of pictures.

So did you have your fire works? Or did you save them for next month? I should go and buy some for a change, used to buy those roman candles every once in a while. They're kind of fun to play with.

Haven't been able to go for a ride on my dirt bike for a while now. I've got a flat front tire and the tire is shot. I've got a new tube but I'm hunting for a tire for it. Don't want to spend a whole bunch of money on it if I don't have to.


Rick K
06-06-2006, 07:21 PM
Sounds like fun Ryan she is raining then sunny but it has been drying up lot's...we still can find water though...I will stay away from the bear & cubs...

Yes we sure did have fire works they turned out good...we will buy some more next month we picked them up from Costco...

I picked up tire in a can I had a flat put this stuff in and the tire on my trailer is still up today...7 bucks I think at Canadian tire...I carry one on my quad too....


poor farmer/logger
06-06-2006, 09:22 PM
I used to be able to rip around a little bit in there on my dirt bike but now it's all under water. Swamp and my dirt bike don't go together to good.

I'm not in Costco very often at all. Used to go in there once in a while when they had those farmer pases. If you had your quota book with you, you could go in and shop for free. Now you have to have a membership to get in. We aren't in Saskatoon enogh to make it pay at all. They've got some pretty neat stuff in there though. Some junk though too.

I've heard that stuff is suposed to work pretty good. My tire is all craked up though so it wouldn't help to much there at all. I'll find a tire eventually I guess. My brother has one but that's down in Saskatoon. Can't find any used ones around here at all and the new ones are over 100 bucks so that's out of the question. Tried Ebay but no one ever got back to me on shipping to Canada so I guess I'm sol there too.


Rick K
06-10-2006, 12:40 PM
Hi Ryan that's why you need a Quad :wink: .....Claudette has a Costco card she shops there all the time....I call her the Costco Queen w00t ...she tells me there is a great deal on this :cool: ....I so we don't need it...my tire is still holding on my trailer.. :D

Went out for a big ride Hap & myself went right up to the huge swamp :hallo1: ....boy did we have a blast it was unreal we found so many trails......trails we never new there where there...we rode for hours boy I said to Hap I wish I had my camera...we left at 6:30 and back home after 12:00 ......

We stopped on the trail and said we have to go back and check or investigate this more with a camera....it is great...

Been out all around with work still get home every night...boy is there work round here 4 contracts on the west dyke all close this month and on huge one next month it's 985,000 cubic meters of dirt to move. here is one contract...they are on merx web page...
http://www.merx.com/English/SUPPLIER_Menu....mzXOcDSDw%3d%3d (http://www.merx.com/English/SUPPLIER_Menu.Asp?WCE=Show&TAB=1&State=7&id=122202&hcode=bG953K5F%2b1tSDmzXOcDSDw%3d%3d)

Have to go get ready for the ride today...

one more thing Ryan :bash: Mark the Brick guy was telling me about these Honda brand new from the states for 5,500 to 6,000 they are talking of going down to get some ....I might even go to buy one I asked Mark to let me know if they where going to go....that's where Troy got them from....the ones he selling for 8 to 9...do ya................ want one...


poor farmer/logger
06-11-2006, 12:32 PM
To funny about Claudette Rick, she sounds like my sister. She's in there every other week looking for deals.

Glad to hear your having fun up in the mud Rick, I just got my bike fixed up again so I can have a little fun too. Might go out today for a ride if it quits raining. Might go even if it don't :D

That's one helluva big project they're tendering out. Nothing like that going on around here at all. I had to laugh the other day, they released the reports on how many new jobs were created in the 3 prarie provinces in the last year. Saskatchewan had 1100 Manitoba had 5500 and Alberta had 98,500. I could'nt believe it when I saw it. Had to kind of laugh though.

I'm interested, but I'd have to find out more before I got to talking to big. Like the model if the price was cdn or us and maybe some other things too. Sounds like a good deal but I like to know what I'm getting into first.


Rick K
06-11-2006, 05:13 PM
Yes Ryan you have Alcoholic Drug addicts well she a shop-a-holic... :lmao:

Ya Hap was no show yesterday kids had baseball so we did not go...to bad would have been a good day for it...

they say they are to let 3 like that this summer in the area of 9 million meters...there is 4 smaller ones out to tender right now...

I will see if Mark knows anymore or if I can find out where it is for u...


poor farmer/logger
06-12-2006, 11:13 AM
To bad you didn't get out for a ride at all. I went out for a little rip around 8:00 last night. It was still raining out but I said what the heck and took off for a litte bit.

Hard to believe there's more going on in Mb, then in Sk. I wish they could get something going here and keep it going. :(

That would be good if you can find out any more about them Rick.



Rick K
06-13-2006, 10:39 PM
Well we did tonight we all went for a ride and we have pictures Ryan...Old Roy he is 82 I thought he was 84 but it is 82 .....Dan he is 74....we had some fun tonight....I took 73 pictures.



Rick K
06-15-2006, 06:55 PM
Well it's been a nutty week Ryan you would think Rob who I work with are trying to out do each other....we where going to buy a boat then sell it well Rob bought it himself....this is one assume boat it unreal...it's a fishing boat...here a few pictures of it.. :D
[attachmentid=28420][attachmentid=28421] w00t

So I have been thinking of buying a new truck we have been looking over the last few weeks....so today was the day I bought brand new 06 GMC Z71 full load truck leather heated seats the hole nine yards and a great deal to boot...sat radio on star 6 way buckets they have to put on the running boards...here a few pictures of it... :D

Rick w00t

poor farmer/logger
06-16-2006, 01:12 AM
Wow Rick, you must be making to much money. :D :D Nice looking truck that you bought. Too bad about the fishing boat, it's sure a nice looking boat. I'll bet she'd really go too.

It's been pretty crazzy here too. Spent all day yesterday spraying. I went over just about half of our seeded acers though. Only got stuck once and I could've avoided it but I just turned a corner and was watching to many other things. By the time I shifted up a gear I was just about in the mud hole. I managed to get the front wheel on dry ground though before I spun out. We just pulled it out with the dodge. I was out early this morning spraying but had to quit because of rain coming up. Got enough time though that the chemical should have set in to the weeds. Still some guys trying to seed around here. It's sure wet out now. We got another 1.5" the other day. Water laying all over the place. I've had some fun spraying though. Made the water fly a few times going threw some of the holes. Only problem is, is I'm going to be cursing them come next fall when I'm swathing and combining.

Great pictures from the ride Rick, looks like you guys are having a ball.


Rick K
06-17-2006, 09:32 AM
Thanks Ryan it sure is a nice :D ....Rob had to Take his other boat to the lake this weekend that fishing boat was not ready for him....talked to Rob late last night he hit a deer on the Highway that sucks w00t ....

wow when is this cut off for crop insurance Ryan...good thing for the Dodge eh they can pull them Dodges that's for sure...the weather here has been good not like last year...boy they are getting it in Alberta reminds me of last year here....we need some rain but just a nice rain....boy the crops are looking unreal here I was done about 1 k from the border yesterday and boy the are unreal looking I have not seen them looking like that in years...

West Nile is back I see in the news ....

hope to get out for a ride this weekend with the boys I think I closing in on 2,000 K's on the Grizzly with no problems yet...the belt has been good and I've been in some real deep water Ryan....as for them Honda's I've been doing some looking into them you get no warranty here you have to take back to the states for warranty...there is always some hiccup on a good deal eh..


poor farmer/logger
06-19-2006, 12:19 PM
That really sucks about that deer, I know what it's like. Dad hit one one day coming home from P.A. Took the whole front end out of the truck. Had to replace the oil cooler bumper grills and a whole bunch of other stuff. Not fun at all. There's getting to be quit a few of them little buggers out there too.

June 20 is the cut off for crop insurance. Guys who don't have it seeded by then can either lie and say that they seeded it in thier seeded acres report or they can tell crop insurance it's just to wet to seed and get a small payout.

Crops would look 100 times better if we had some heat to bring them on. They still look good but with some heat they'd really come on strong.

I don't know for sure but I'm pretty sure that I had west nile about 3 years ago. I got knocked right out for a couple of days and then it was gone. There were quit a few cases that year.

glad to hear the Grizzly is working good for you. How many Km are you shooting for or are ya just going to ride till you can take your sled out again.

Waranty shouldn't be to big of a issue, it's not to often that anything goes wrong with them. With my luck though I'd have the engine go out of it or something.


Rick K
06-20-2006, 08:21 PM
Wow Rob was lucky next to no damage to the truck he has a suburban nice truck...

June 20 th that's today I have not seen anyone putting crop in around here it is all in..

We need some more rain we have had some great heat sun for them so far..

Wow good thing you are young eh....

Yes she been running just great so far Ryan I would not hesitate to buy another one so far so go...getting up around 2,000 k's we have slowed down a bit on riding...but I will ride right into the sled time you should know me by now...

I've been looking for another one for Claudette she loves it....went to a auction the other day but I was not going to wait to the end for them to see if I could pick it up....so I bought a 4 foot pipe wrench Aluminium....please don't ask me why I bought it .....

going to go wash the Griz to night nobody around to ride with....seen Old Roy & Dan last night when I was heading out to work late on a call...home after 11....


poor farmer/logger
06-21-2006, 11:15 PM
I got real lucky one time, I hit a deer coming home one night. I swerved over and just barely caught it with the side of the bumper. Couldn't even tell that I'd hit one. That's the only time that I've hit one too. Dad had a bad run in with a duck the other day in the semi. He was coming home with fertilizer clipping along pretty good whel all of a sudden a duck flew up out of the ditch and right infront of the drivers window. It didn't break it all the way threw but it cracked both layers of glass up real good. Took it in the other day and got it fixed up though. 150 bucks for nothing though really.

I was talking to Red Tracks from R.P. and he only got about a 1/4 of his crop in this year. Trouble was he had put on fertilizer ahead of time and it's also cash rent land. He doesn't know what he's going to do. Probably talk to him tomorow in person. Going to go to a auction in Melfort tomomrow that he'll be at.

I'm pretty sure that my mom had it too. She had it basically the same time that I did. I don't think it was a flu and I had all of the symtoms of west nile. It lasted for about 3 or 4 days, I can't remember now at all.

I can usually make a pretty seemless change over from dirt biking to sledding. I fill in with the quad if it gets to cold out. Same thing again in the spring. I try to make sure that I've got something to rip around on. I'd go nuts if I had to sit in the house when I wasn't doing something.

Did you at least get it cheap? Kind of like my brother, he went out and bought a 3/4" socket set from pricess auto because they were on sale. I don't know if he's used them yet even and that was a couple of years ago now.

Went out crop checking on my land on the reserve today. Sure happy with how it looks so far. Maybe I'll be able to buy a new quad after all. :D Trouble is, is it's a long way to the bin yet.


Rick K
06-23-2006, 05:41 PM
Yes Ryan I've hit a few myself over the years but I've been lucky too...not like some guys

wow that does not sound good for Red tracks...one good thing maybe well read this Ryan tell me what you think ....
http://www.cbc.ca/manitoba/story/mb-wheat-...d-20060623.html (http://www.cbc.ca/manitoba/story/mb-wheat-board-20060623.html)

Yes I like to get out but some times I don't mind sitting in the house when I've been on the road all week...it's nice to chill out..went out for a nice ride with Roy today he was the only guy around ...I have not seen Hap for a few days....and wow did I hit a hole was it deep I just got out had to put the diff lock on....Roy boy did he get stuck I could not pull him out with my winch...but after a few good tugs Roy came out...it was nasty...

not bad 50....

good for you glad to here that about your crop...they are coming along real good here but we do need some rain


poor farmer/logger
06-23-2006, 08:50 PM
Hi Rick, it sounds like a step in the right direction anyways. This monopoly has to come to a end in my opinion. I'm not against the wheat board in there as a marketing tool, but for gods sake let me have a choice. If I get screwed over in a open market systom I've got no one to blame except my self. People who are ambitious enough will find new markets and posibly if not probably make a few extra dollars. Those who aren't will continue on with there old ways and keep being had by the government. It's getting to the point now where those few extra dollars can mean profit or lose.

I try to get out at least once a day and go for a ride just to kind of wind down the day but some days I'm just to busy or to tired to go.

Sounds like one hellofa hole.

Sure hope the crop comes threw for me, I could sure use a few extra bucks.


Rick K
06-24-2006, 05:46 PM
I'm not a farmer but I do here from them what they would like and from that they should be able to sell to who they want to sell to....they don't tell me where I can sell my old sleds to or my truck to....I do live in a farming community though...

Yes I like to get out as often as possible I was up early today jump on the Quad and went to the car wash and washed it down she was muddy from yesterday...I find it very relaxing to just get out and ride....maybe I need a hog...Ryan :cool:

I think I just might go back to it again soon I will get some pic's this time I did have my camera with me last time...just for got.. w00t

well well guess what your rain has shown up here we sure need it... :thumbsup:


poor farmer/logger
06-28-2006, 02:25 PM
I'm still hoping to see some change come from this new Government but so far it looks like the same ol thing again. They made some pretty big promises during the election and I don't know if they're going to be able to hold them up or not.

Early morning and late evening are my favorite times to ride. Just when the air around you is a littel cool. I sure love that feeling riding along with just a slight cool breze blowing around you.
I'd like to get a street bike but for now ,my little dirt bike is doing okay.

Get out for any more rides lately?

Been really hot and dry here now for the last few days. She's sure sucking up all that moisture that we got over the last month. It's good to get rid of some of it though.


06-28-2006, 04:37 PM
Here is a couple of my baby...new tires, rims and exhaust since these were taken last fall...




Rick K
06-29-2006, 05:41 PM
Yes Hap & myself had a big ride last night left around 5:30 home 11:30 we when all over we got into some 6 to 8 foot bulrushes & we where knocking them down & it was dark out right on the Highway ditch well did it look need....a other buddy was talking to him this morning he said you should have seen this wing nuts in the ditch running though the bulrushes he said it look assume....then I said how are you calling a wing nut he said I should have known...you and Hap eh yep I said .....

Hey trx450r that is one sweet ride you have there a little to nutty for me I would get hurt playing with that rocket...

What a great picture of the sand hill where is that..thanks for posting that with us keep em coming...

I hope to get out for a big ride this long weekend might even head up to lake Manitoba it's only 25 min from our place.


poor farmer/logger
06-30-2006, 01:22 AM
Hi TRX450R, great looking bike got any more action shots? We've got a few sand dunes around here that I play in but they're not as big as those ones. Still lost of fun to play in though.

I can just picture you guys out there riping around in the ditches. Too funy about your buddy finding out though.

I'm out of fuel again now so my riding is limited for a little while. Picked up 5 gallons today and it cost me 27 bucks. That'll be gone in the sprayer though. Got a little bit on my land that I'm going to respray. I don't know if it's second growth or if the chemical didn't work right. I got enough spray to do it today though so hopefully tomomrow morning I can get out there and do it again.

I've been hoping that my brother would come home so we could go for a ride but so far he hasn't goten here yet. We usually go for a pretty good ride when he's home.


06-30-2006, 09:38 AM
That pic was in a gravel pit by my buddies place. The closest sand to my area is 2 hours away in Bismarck ND on the banks of the Missouri. Great place to ride!

Rick K
07-02-2006, 11:40 AM
trx450r boy you just live across the line from us I'm just north of Winnipeg in Woodlands...how often do you go do go riding down in them assume hills.

how is the riding around Bismarck do you have good trails there. we have some real great trails for sledding and Quads up here I still finding new ones and I've all ready put 2,300 k on my Grizzly and I bought it March 31.that's just in our area.

We where out on Canada Day for a big ride we where gone most of the day had some fun went down my first big stock pile with the quad....used to go down these with my 3 wheeler but have been chicken with my quad ...being so heavy...but I did it boy what a rush...yep Hap lived up to himself too Ryan I had to winch him out of a hole again he swamped it bad....had to pull him to dry it out...and then back to the trails...
Hap rides a 3 wheeler big red.


poor farmer/logger
07-06-2006, 11:09 AM
Good to hear you went out for a ride Rick. I'm going to take the chance of souding dumb here but what do you mean by riding down a stock pile?

Hap needs to get that quad of his fixed up so he don't get stuck so often. :D


Rick K
07-06-2006, 11:11 PM
Hi Ryan riding down the stock pile is going up where the loader goes up to the top and dumps over the end......well we keep going right off the end to the bottom what a rush...

As for Hap getting it ready for this season now way he still does not have the sled ready for winter he has the engine to do....that way it keeps my winch lose heehee

Did you see the stones might be going to Regina Ryan October 7 or 8 this year I'm in if they are.... will be lucky 5 for me :D


poor farmer/logger
07-07-2006, 12:28 AM
Okay, I gotcha. I wasn't thinking of gravel. Could be a littel scarey on my dirt bike trying to keep it straight going down the slope. I love playing on slopes with dads 400. That thing is like a rock. It sits fairly low plus it's balanced really well. I've never rolled it at all. Had it up on 3 wheels siting on a pretty step angle but I've managed to pull it off.

Sounds like you need to get over there and give hap a little kick to get him going. :D :lmao:

I heard the rumurs the other day and I was going to mention it to you about the stones but I forgot. Probably wont be able to make it due to harvest. It would be quit the show to see though.


Rick K
07-09-2006, 11:45 AM
yes it is fun.. I have rolled my old 3 wheeler a few times but I do not want to roll my Quad though that might hurt that big tank...

No he needs more then a kick the butt... :bash: :lmao:

I will be keeping a eye on this though....daily....

I have 2,500 km on the Grizzly now had it in some very deep water so far so good Ryan.....I grease it almost every time I come home ....change the oil often....it really has been a great machine so far...I put a bush bumper on it the other day it looks mean....I even had my mom on it last night she did well...well have to go and work on the park...


poor farmer/logger
07-10-2006, 03:26 PM
That could hurt just a little. :ohmy:

Last I heard about the concert was that they were still working on it, the mayor said nothing was finalized yet.

That's good to know about the belt holding up and not sliping at all. I'm considering buying a bombardier this fall, I don't know yet what I'm going to do. I might look for a used dirt bike instead and try and save some money. There's posibly going to be some land come up for sale in the next little while that I'd like to buy. If I spend to much money though then I wont be able to buy anything.


Rick K
07-15-2006, 09:47 AM
yes it would and does Ryan...

Keep me posted if you would please on the stones I sure would like to see em again....

yes the grizzly has been great so far....Bombardier how are the prices on them Ryan...it is getting harder & harder to save money these days Ryan....we are in a heat wave boy has it been hot out here....in the 30


poor farmer/logger
07-16-2006, 12:37 AM
If I hear anything more I'll let you know.

Prices on them are pretty comparable to Yamaha. They're a little bit more though I believe. A comparable quad to yours would be the 500 v twin. That's what they tell me anyways. It comes in at around 10,000. It's fuel injected and is dressed up pretty nice. I think that's the one that I would buy if I buy a bombardier. The V twin and fuel injection would make for a pretty good combination I think.

The weather here the last week or so has been unbelievable. I couldn't have ordered it any better if I could. It's perfect growing weather for our crops. It gets up to around 28 in the afternoon and down to around 15 at night. The ocasional little rain at night too. Like I said it's been just perfect here for our crops. Had a look at my Canola again the other night and it looks real good. I sure hope it comes threw. Like I've said before though it's a long ways from the bin yet. It is getting closer though. :)


Rick K
07-16-2006, 10:39 AM
That would be great Ryan thank you....

Why not the Honda I thought hat was going to be the one.

My older sister had to run to the lake they have a beautiful place in the lake of the woods in Ontario...well her son Nicklaus just finished high school party on kids. So Nadine just had to get back out there to check up on Nicks well guess what they got out there and the party was on. Nicks put the Honda off the cliff into the lake they have a few Honda cons...he is ok ...is dad Brain was going to $%&*$#@!... today I just talked to my sister and they are going to get it out of the lake.... fun eh..

Wow the crops look great here just unreal I hope it works out great for the farmers...it will be in the 30's again to day...the farmers are taking off the winter wheat now boy does it look good...

I have to go and put sides of my big trailer to haul rock next weekend I want to make a nukshuk. pictures to fallow....


poor farmer/logger
07-16-2006, 09:12 PM
It's still up in the air Rick. If it weren't for the belt I think it would be definately the bombardier. I know I know, the belts are okay. :D I just like the way that honda does it. The thing I like about Bombardier is the v twin engine the fuel injection as well as the independent suspension that they have. It's set up the same as the front end of a snowmobile. There's a trailing arm that comes back to each of the back wheels. They say it rides like no other quad out there.

After harvest if I've got a few bucks kicking around we'll see what happens. I might try and save some money and buy a used dirt bike instead. My brother just bought a new Suzuki dual purpose motorcycle. He's coming home with it next Saturday I think. Hopefully he'll let me take it for a little rip so I can see what it's like. He still hasn't gotten it brocken in yet. So he's still taking it pretty easy on it. He said so far it's a great little bike. It's a 400 4 stroke. Driving it to work and back he said that he was getting 56 mpg.
Even if gas hit 10 bucks a gallon I could still afford to drive it.

He is darn luck to be okay from the sounds of it. Sounds like he needs a good kick in the but too. Was it a verry high cliff? if it was that would sure complicate things when trying to get it out.

Sounds like you've got some work ahead of you. You should have a skid steer out there for moving them rocks around.


Rick K
07-20-2006, 08:50 AM
I think Ryan long as the case stays sealed it would be ok but if the seal breaks then you will have to fix the seal on the belt. I do like the shaft drive better then the belt but I have had 0 problems with the belt and she has been right under the water for some time and not a peep out of it...I guess I will have to look at one.

Right on.... the money your brother will save on gas would make the payments if he had them.

Yes all this took place when mom was in the hospital not good his dad ....well just to funny.....

Yes I do but I need something to do Ryan....don't take me wrong but my job I like but there is to much time left in the day....construction like farming you have long days .....but 8 or 9 hours a day there is just to much time left over in the day so Mr Green thumb...plus it keeps my mind working to think what can I build next...wow if I had a skid Steer look out no telling what I would build...ha ha.. I hope to get some rock this week yet..can't cut the grass because it's not growing...

heading to meeting with the floodway today I'm even meeting Glen today he wants to talk.

here is the start Ryan


poor farmer/logger
07-22-2006, 12:32 PM
Yes, I think your right Rick. Like I've said before we'll wait and see what the fall brings. Did Mark ever go down and pick up some quads?

He's really happy with it so far. Dealer he bought it from said it'll do 150 km/hr too.

Did they gey the quad out yet?

It's good to have something to do at the end of work day that you can relax doing. It's no good if you have to forse yourself to do it but if it's something that you enjoy doing it can be a good end to the day. It looks real good so far. I wish I had a couple hundread yards of that gravel in our yard.

It's going to get pretty crazzy around here in another couple of hours. My whole family is coming home today. Our neibours are having thier 60th weding aniversary tonight. They're relatives of ours as well as close friends so the family is going to go and help them celebrate. :D They're family is the kind that likes to celebrate real hard so it could be a interesting night.

The yard is going to be full of bikes today too, my brother is brining home his new bike his quad and thier little mini quad for his one boy. My other brother whose allready here has his two dirt bikes here and my sister is going to come and maybe bring thier little dirt bike. I'm going to try and get a picture of the whole lineup if it works out.

My brother is brining me out a chain from the Saskatoon or is suposed to be so I'll have my bike all fixed up again. Had to put a clucth cable on it as well as a new drive chain.


Rick K
07-26-2006, 10:21 PM
Well how do the crops look now Ryan they are doing not bad here we have had some rain too.

That's great Ryan it cruises eh...

Yes it's running again to funny kids we all where there once eh..

Yes I've been working a little on the park I took some pictures to mom she said I can't wait to come out she got out of the hospital today thing are good but she has to go though that treatment again.

Well I hope the Family due go hope to see some pictures....60 years wow eh that's unreal...I hope you did not have to many pops eh ha ha...

Hope you got your bike running again I have not been out on my Quad in some time......maybe soon though need to find a new place to ride I got poison Ivey real bad never had it in my life :lookaround: .....


poor farmer/logger
07-26-2006, 11:19 PM
Hi Rick, the crops look great but it's getting really dry now again. We could use another 1" of rain right about now. That would fit in just perfect. It's been teribly hot the last week. Just about every day last week was above 30. One problem now though is with the canola around here. The Bertha Armyworm has moved in, in some areas. Our canola so far seams to be okay but we've got out chemical dealer expert coming out tomorow if it doesn't rain to have a look.

The family due went over really well. The kids of the parents that were celbrating went all out on this one. They rented a margarita (sp??) machine and a whole bunch of other stuff. They roasted a pig for supper. It was quit the party. Free pops so there was lots of entertainment for the night. They even had a live band playing threwout the night. The dance ended at 10:00 that night but the party caried on till 4:00 the next moring. I didn't go to the after party though. Had to get up the next moring so that me and my brother could go biking.

That's to bad that you mom has to go threw all of that again. I sure hope she can get over it all this time with no relapses. Better get the park all finished up so that when she's all healthy you can celebrate. :)

Put on a few miles this last weekend on my bike. I went out for a ride by myself on monday night. It looked like it was going to rain but I made it home dry. Had to stop for a porquepine(sp??) on the road though.

Got a few picture but I've got to delete some old pictures first.

Been hauling logs now the last 2 days. Hauled out 3 semi loads so far and we've got probably another 8 loads to go.


Rick K
07-29-2006, 11:01 AM
Hi Ryan we have been getting some rain thank God we do need more...sounds like our weather has been pretty much the same...

Wow that sure sounds like they put on a real due for them well done eh..how did the ride go with your brother hope you had fun...I have not been out for some time on the Quad...

them porcupine my dog Dutch used to come home with them stuck in the nose...

they won't let you into some parts of the back woods because of the fire risk...

Mom is home now going to see here again today she is going to get a surprise today.....I took her pictures when she was in the hospital of the rock work....(nukshuk) she love it so yesterday she asked me if I was around the Quarries if I could pick up some limestone to build her one.....so today Claudette & myself are going to do this as a surprise for her...

Have to get ready to start to haul the big rocks for the park


poor farmer/logger
08-01-2006, 11:51 PM
Hi Rick, looks great. I'll bet your mom will be real happy when she sees it.

Here's a picture that I took when we were up in the bush getting ready to go home again.


Had to spray last week for Bertha Army Worms. They showed up real bad all of a sudden. We had been out chekcing and even had the expert out to have a look. Everything seemed okay. I went out one afternoon though and chekced a different part of the field and it was just black on top of the field. Dad just went ahead and sprayed his with the Spra Coupe. I was going to bring in a plane to do mine but when we phoned them they said it was going to be at least 2 days till they could get out here to do it so I did it my self as well. I trampled down some crop but nothing to serious. The main thing is, it got done when it needed to be. Here's a picture that I took of the spray plane accross from our house. It's a 1.7 million dollar plane.


Had a real heavy rain here the other night. Ended up with a little over a 1" of rain. There were real heavy winds with it though so it didn't help us in some ways. We did need the rain though. Fields were getting dry.

Good to hear that you mom is back home again.


Rick K
08-05-2006, 08:03 AM
Yes I hope to pick her up today or tomorrow and bring here out for a fire and some fire work too......we will see if she is up to it....

great pictures Ryan love them trees you guys have there look like a park eh...sand ground by the looks of it eh..

BIG BERTHA WORM where did that come from wow that does not sound good..... there always have to be some thing to put pressure on a farmer eh...

We have a pile of them just down the road from us here I think some one told me once they have a V-12 engine in them....they are something to watch that's for sure...

We have been getting rain too Ryan but it's should have come a month ago....

thanks Ryan she doing ok but it took allot out of here this time so I try to spend as much time with her to keep her sprits up...she has to go though all that nasty poop again...

boy I have not took the Quad out for sometime now I had that real bad bout of poison Ivey I have never had it in my life....but there always the first time eh...it was not nice I had it every where to funny if you now what I mean....you get the itch in a public place ha ha...


poor farmer/logger
08-05-2006, 10:29 PM
Hi Rick, I'm sure that she'd enjoy that if she's up to it. Your new park should come in pretty handy this weekend ehh.

Yes, it's all sand up in the forest. It looks better in pictures then when you're driving threw it. There are some real beautiful spots up there but there's some that you just want to close your eyes when you go threw. Lots of dieseased trees that have died and fallen over.

There's always a few of them around but this year it is allot worse. They say that the moths blow in with the wind and lay thier eggs, then they hatch out and start eating. It doesn't take them long to finish off a field if you don't look after them.

I don't think that those planes have v 12s in them at all, the ones that I've seen are rotary engines and turbine engines. The new ones are all turbine. With them you have to burn jet fuel in them. The older planes are just running pump gas now. They say that the gain in engine life doesn't warrant the extra cost of av. fuel.

Got another 7/10" last night again. We've got lots of rain now again to get us threw the harvest. I'm hoping that it's a good year for combining not like last fall. There'll be some crops coming down probably the end of next week.

I've never had a encounter with that stuff at all. I don't think there is any of it around here to tell you the truth. Worst I've ever had was stinging nettle. Sounds pretty awful though from how you explain it.

I did manage to get out for a pretty good ride today. I loaded the bike up this afternoon and toured around in the forestry noth of home. Then when I got home I went out for another ride. Put on maybe 40 miles. My speedometer quit working last summer so I don't know how much riding I do for sure any more.

Here's another picture that I was going to post the other night.

This is my family. I'm the one with the hat on. My sister to the right of me, my mom and dad and my two brothers. Then all of my nieces and nephews and of course the inlaws.



Rick K
08-06-2006, 09:05 AM
Yes there are areas around here with dead trees due to bugs but I sure like the looks in your picture would be great for Quad eh...

they look the same as the ones out here but I guess the one here are a lot older they have been here since I've been here and some buddy told me they had big horse power and boy are they noisy and they use gas...your are newer...

Well we have had some 3/10 .....we had a tornado last night over by Gull Lake eastside of Lake Winnipeg then it moved over to Lac Dobounett (not spelled right) one killed .....When mom & myself where out for a drive we could see a big huge cloud and it looked real nasty well I'm sure that was the one because it was in that area......
http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/stor...?hub=TopStories (http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/story/CTVNews/20060805/manitoba_wx_060805/20060806?hub=TopStories)

Glad to here you got out for a good ride Ryan I have not been out for a long ride in a long time...Great Picture Ryan....wow lot's of people in the family Ryan...

Yes Ryan your right I went in to the city last night took mom out for a drive she had a great time she was with here number one son....ha ha did I tell you I'm here only son. but she did have fun.....so I will pick her up this afternoon and she is going to come out to our place for a fire and some fire works....

I have to tell you a funny storey about mom a few days ago I was walking with here in the complex of condos where they live....well mom has a bag on her side for the waste.....well we are walking and all of a sudden fart she farts well I said mom did you fart she said yep.....she then explained she has no control over it .....it just happens so we keep walking well I had to fart well I did then I looked at her and said mom say excuse me well she hit me and said don't you be starting that Richard....she always calls me Richard when she mad at me...well we laughed ....


poor farmer/logger
08-07-2006, 10:07 PM
Some of the trees in that picture go back to the early 1900s but they haven't grown at all in the last 40 years probably. The gov. hasn't done anything to get it under controll either so now it's gone so far that there's no getting it back again.

I'm no expert on planes either so what your telling me could verry well be true. The one plain that I was in one time was sure big though. I belive it was a 12 cylender rotary engine. The prop on it was huge. I forget what they said it burnt for fuel in a hour. The new ones now they are around 40 gal./hr. According to our fertilizer dealer.

That's some scarey stuff that you got going on out there. They had some videos of it on the news at noon I believe it was. I've only ever seen one funel cloud thankfully. It never touched down though. We've had some real nasty storms roll threw here but we've been pretty luck for the last 60 years. That's when the last tornado whent threw our farm. It moved the barn and the chicken house. I believe it moved my grandmas house a little bit as well. No body was hurt though. The buildings even came threw okay.

It's good that you can be there for your mom like that Rick. I hope she makes it out to the fireworks show, I'll bet she'd love to see your new park.

We've got a farily big family but it's pretty small compared to the aniversary couples. They didn't get toghether for a big family picture this time though so unfortunatly I don't have a picture of the whole crew.

It's good to hear that your mom is still keeping you in line Rick. :D Had a good little laugh when I read that.


Rick K
08-12-2006, 08:26 AM
Wow yep the G-man needs a kick some times eh..hello wake up you are getting paid.....not all are like that though...

me neither I will see if I have some time maybe I will go & talk to Ernie B he has them planes...

yes it is scary stuff...we have had a few that one was on the other side of Lake Winnipeg but it did start back north of us by Lundar....we had one back a few years it took down the power lines and the big towers steel ones the ones that supply Winnipeg.....it twisted them real bad took out 4 or 5 of them...

Yes it is Ryan when you stop and think what our mom's and dad's have done for us over the years it's unreal so a little pay back is a good thing I think...she made it out and had a great time we had a huge box of fire works....

just one older sister then myself and a younger sister the younger sis has 1 boy & 1 girl then me I have Michael who is 22 now ....and my older sis has 1 boy too. that's it...

Glad you had a laugh because I sure did when I did it if you could have seen my moms face hee hee.......

Mom went yesterday to the cancer specialist well it's like this the cancer she had last year well it's gone...but the new cancer they removed one month ago well it's not like the first one...but they did get most of it....most is the big word here....so that means there is still some in there...they say they can't operate on it so chemo & radiation......can hope to control it to extend her life.....they say mom can last 2 to 4 years....

she had all these test it did not show up.... so it makes one wonder about all the test they have today....... I guess what I'm trying to say is I pry they are wrong and she lives to be her mothers age who just turned 93 young last winter....... :D

I don't know if I told you I built a nukshuk at moms place a few weeks ago she loves it she can sit on here bench and look at it....... :D

so late yesterday I went to the Quarries to get some big rocks and think or should say medium rocks with the trailer........so I went to get a hoe to unload them well here is a few pictures of the show ....I will be picking mom up today to sit in the park .....I have a buddy that does wood work I'm going to get him to make a sign up mom's park.....I have allot more work to do on it ....so maybe today mom & myself can put are heads together for future development of mom's park... :D



poor farmer/logger
08-15-2006, 08:35 PM
Michael is the same age as me then. I turned 22 last March.

I'm teribly sorry to hear about your mom Rick, I truely hope that she kicks it. I hate to see any more good people taken by that damn cancer. I know too many good people that have been taken to early because of it. I really do hope that your mom isn't one of them though. I guess all a person can do is spend every minute doing what you love and being with the people that you love because you never really know.

This modern medical stuff aint all that great if you ask me. They don't know what they're doing with it sometimes from what I've seen. I know of one guy that was on blood thickeners and thinners at the same time. You hear of lots stories like that when you talk to people who've been around the medical system.

So give me a little history lesson here Rick. I'm not sure what these nukshuks are. They look like the figures that I've seen on tv that the Northern people used as landmarks along waterways. Is that right or am I way out to lunch. Please let me know, I'm curious.

Some one tried to tell me the other day that they sell those rocks out your way for a buck a pound. Is that right? I had a bit of a hard time believing it when they told me.

Looks good though. I'm sure you two will come up with something to add.


Rick K
08-17-2006, 02:53 PM
thanks Ryan, and your 110 % right......mom's did not take it well but who would eh...she dealing with it much better now...as I told here there is only two guaranties if life one is taxes and the other is death........mom is strong in the mind that is a big part of winning in my eyes....and support too

Mom and myself are very close so is Michael to Grandma....Michael lives there it's allot closer to work for him plus mom just loves it little Mikey being there....ha ha I always tease Michael about it...

History well I would have to look up first be for I said because what I have been told might not be right....and one would not want to give the wrong info right...but your right they say something...
http://www.idea-incentives.com/inukshuks/i...CFR-vSAodoXbEAQ (http://www.idea-incentives.com/inukshuks/index.html?gclid=COeIp6G454YCFR-vSAodoXbEAQ)


it is limestone they loaded it for me and the cost was 0000000...they sell it after it is crushed for about 5.00 a tonne 3/4 down etc...it pays to now the head guy who runs the Quarry eh I'm going back to get more soon but mom has me doing another rock thing with feild stone....pictures to come soon...I I'm enjoying this too it takes time to do and I have time with this job.....no complaints here.... :D

mom has been out on the weekends to our place and she will be out this weekend I hope to get her on the Quad again... w00t


poor farmer/logger
08-17-2006, 11:04 PM
Hi Rick, thanks for the links. So are you inuit or did you just make them because you like them?

It does sound like your family is verry close. That's something that some people wish they had.

Sounds like your moms going to keep you busy out there. Next thing she'll be wanting a rock garden. :D

Maybe so good fun in the mud would do her some good. :D Even a nice little ride I'm sure would be relaxing for her.

I sure wish I had some of the gravel that they're making out of that . We could sure use a couple hundread or so yards here. It would probably disapear pretty quick too.


Rick K
08-22-2006, 07:44 PM
I think they are cool they look neat too....right... :D

Yes my mom & myself are very close so is the rest too...

yes your right mud this weekend for sure mom said so....ha ha pictures to fallow...

yes I worked there for many years when I was younger I was there today again It in my blood I want to go back but the money is not as good as what I'm doing now...

my computer crashed w00t w00t on Sunday my own doing dumb dumb dumb it still not up to snuff yet I have spent hours working on getting it back up all day Sunday till 11 pm from 9 am and Monday night too....well I will tell you later what dumbo did you will laugh :lmao: :ohmy: ....I'm not but you can.... w00t


Rick K
09-02-2006, 09:52 AM
Well thing are going great at work Ryan I've been asked to go back to run a training course for heavy equipment again. The great thing about it it's for 2 months just up the road from where we live. So I will take a leave of absence for 2 months then go back to the job I'm doing now for the union.

I will be getting my per dem again that nice tax free money again sweet plus my wages. We start on September 11 for 8 weeks...

I had my first problem with my quad I blew a boot so I took it in talked to Troy about the new Phazers well they fixed it...no charge warranty they also gave me a new air filter and new spark plug at no charge....

I was thinking of buying Phazer for Michael & Claudette to ride Troy giving me a good deal....but it will not be for me it does not have enough H.P.


poor farmer/logger
09-13-2006, 10:30 PM
Hi Rick, you're probably thinking that I abandoned you. Not the case though. Just got our computer back today. It's been out now for about 3 weeks. The hard drive crashed on it. Not self inflicted either. Lots to talk about but halve to go for now so many things to get reset. Got some pictures and some info. Started looking today at quads again too. Still haven't made up my mind though. I did manage to pull off enogh of a crop that I could buy one if I can find something in the price range that I want.

Will talk to you latter. If you read this before I get a email out to you please email me again because I lost all of my email addresses.



poor farmer/logger
09-15-2006, 07:07 PM
Well, we've got about 60 ac. of crop to take off. It's pouring down rain right now thogh so it's going to be a while before we can get to it again. Had over a inch now I'm sure. maybe more. I've got my flax left to combine and dad has a little bit of his wheat left to do. We would have like to have gotten it off before the rain but it didn't quit work out.

Our computer went down on about the 23rd of august and we just finally got it back and going here the other day. We didn't get a chance to get it in to future shop untill the 30 of august. I told them to make sure to phone us when it was all done they told that they would. Mom phoned 2 weeks latter and they said ohh that's been done for about a week and a half now. Wasn't real impresed but at least it's fixed up again. We had the extended waranty so it didn't cost us anything to get it fixed.

Harvest has gone not to bad this year, we had a few break downs that slowed us up but nothing real major. The worst was when one of the main drive belts for the transmission broke on the way home from my rented land. I was only a half a mile away from home though so we just pulled it home. It was a new belt that broke too. They said that there was waraty on it yet but didn't know if they could honor it or not. They were going to try though anyways. We took everything off that night yet and had it ready to go by next morning again. The belt wasnt' the real bad part about that break down though, when the belt broke it took out a plastic piece that holds the brushes for the electric clutch. Dad had to go to Nipawin that morning to get that. That was 200 dollars that we hadn't planed on spending.

The crops did not to bad this year. Some of them were nothing special but some were really good. It kind of averaged out to a average year. I'm hoping prices will come up this winter to compensate a little. I was happy with my canola crop, it could have been allot better but I didn't go in the whole on it like last years crop.

Here's a few pictures that I took threw out the harvest. I didn't get any action shots though because most of the time it was just me out there by myself.

This was at the one end of my canola field.[attachmentid=29255]

This was at the middle of the field. It was really heavy in here, the swather was actually driving over the edges of the swaths when I was swathing. [attachmentid=29257]

This is looking back from the swather in the same spot. [attachmentid=29258]

I've got a few more that I'll post in a litle bit again.


poor farmer/logger
09-15-2006, 07:18 PM
That sounds great about the training job again. It'll sure be nice to have it that close to home too. Of coures I'll need a few pictures ya know. :D

We've gota boot on our quad too that needs to be replaced. I zip tied it and wraped it with electricians tape for the time being. Dad doesn't know yet either what he's going to do with it. He'd like to sell it and buy a new one again but money is still pretty tight and we have to be careful.

Those phazers look like lots of fun. Sometimes those little sleds can be a blast to ride. You know how you can throw them around and make them do exactly what you want. Not like the big heavy muscle machines. That power is nice too but agility is nice at times too. Have you got a new apex siting in your garage yet that you're not telling me about? :D

They pretty neat little statues all right, have you got the park all wraped up yet?

So what happend with your computer?

Rick K
09-15-2006, 09:35 PM
Well that sucks Ryan crashing your hard drive I just thought you where going nut's taking the crop off...

well please sent that rain this way please we need rain....sounds like you guys are doing well with the crops....hope they are good...

no kidding eh hello you told them to phone what's up with that.

yep new stuff this days Ryan and the hidden cost or should I say the surprises ....

the crops looked great but they said they where hollow if that makes cents

Wow that looks great Ryan...

Well the Equipment is not like the last course it is old stuff reality equipment this time....but I will take a few for ya...we are doing a fish pound this time....

Yes I received warranty on my boot or I was going to put my boot some where ha ha ha...joke...they where great about it they even gave me a new air filter at N.C.

No Apex bud I think the RX1 will do one more season ...maybe a Phazer for Michael & Claudette .....boy I think I was down this road once before Ryan...remember the EXT 550 Special that was there machine and after sitting for them years I sold it ....

Mom I pick her up every Saturday it's our day we do all kind of thing around here ....she has been doing real good...I was stopping by every night before I left the city but now I'm in the country working....I still go in at night sometimes to see her..

Well let's say it was all my fault duh duh duh ha ha ha....not to smart...but I got it up and running ok now...


poor farmer/logger
09-19-2006, 09:10 PM
Computers working good now so far, except for this anoying scrolling feature. It kind of jumps down the page like a wave. Before it just moved as far as you scrolled it. Haven't got that one figured out yet. I changed the settings that should fix it but no results so far.

Rain is all done for a little bit, they are talking about more tomorow though. Total rainfall here was 4.25". That was the lesser amount from around the countryside. Some places say they were up as high as 11" It's pretty wet in spots again. I did get out and sort of finish that one ditch I was working on though. I went out in the water with the skidder and deepend it a little more so it would drain out. Now I've got to get ahold of Sasktel before I do anymore ditching. There's a phone line that cuts across the one spot where I need to ditch. I already drove threw there with the skidder and ditched a wee little bit on opposite ends of where I think the phone line is. Got a little worried yesterday though, there was a sasktel truck siting half a mile down the road from where I was ditching. So far I havnen't heard anything from them though so hopefully it was just one big coincidence.

I was a little less then impressed with future shop. They apologized but you know that it really doesn't mean anything, it's just words.

I kind of like the old stuff in a way. If I had a choice though of which I had to run everyday I think I'd have to take the new stuff though. So is it a really big fish pond?

Haven't had time to do any more looking at quads. Might make a quick trip to Ab. some week and see what we can do out there.

I'm sure the RX1 will make it therw fine. I still haven't found a track for my old ski roule yet. I'ld like to have it going for winter but I might not make it. I know what you mean about the second machine sitting around, that's like our sea doo. We all wanted to get out on it lots the first year we had it. The second the novelty started to wear off the third year we never even had it out. We still only had it out the one time this year. Guess I"m going to have to get it winterized again pretty soon. It's in the shop for now though so it'll be okay for a while.

Glad you got it back up and working. Hope there wasn't to much frustration involved.

Haven't had time yet to get to the other pictures but I'll get there.


Just thought I'd throw in a picture of the other quad that I was looking at.

Bombardier 800 outlander xt or the outlander 650 xt. The honda is still a option if I can ever get my hands on one. Seems that the dealers can't even get the new models in anymore up here. The states is grabbing up all the new stuff and the cdn dealers are up sh!# creek.



Rick K
09-20-2006, 06:02 PM
Well that's great Ryan you will get it right...

Wow we never got as much rain as you guys got that's unreal eh we only got 1.5 inches better then nothing eh...Ya who knows it might get real expensive call before you dig...unless you know where it is....

yes Ryan I would have would like to run the new it's all nice when it is new eh...I will post you some pictures.

Sweet looking Quad Ryan are you going to buy one looks sweet 800 cc wow

I did another dumb thing I fliped my quad I was going real slow in the deep grass when I hit a pipe the bike went right over up side down right on top of me I was lucky I could flip it of me but boy was I banged up I think I broke a rib....screwed up shoulder still sore...no damage to the quad but it kicked the poop out of me... though...man are they heavy....hee hee

STRESS though hee hee


poor farmer/logger
09-20-2006, 07:10 PM
Might have to take the computer back in for some updates. They didn't bother to do all of the windows updates for me. I can't even get them to work now for some reason. I asked the girl at future shop too if she had done them and they said oh yes, I usually do them so it should be all ready to go. I guess she forgot this time. :slick:

Good to hear that you guys got some rain out of it. It sounded like you guys really needed it. Talked with my brother last night and they got over six inches. His rain gauge ran over so he doesn't know for sure how much.

I really like the looks of that quad over the hondas. I'm still a little hung up on that belt though. They say the 800 will go like the wind too. :D It puts out 63 or 66 hp. I can't remember for sure. Our ol 400 is only around 10 hp. That's one heck of a difference. I'm hoping to buy something but I don't know for sure yet. It depends if me and the dealers can deal good enough. That 800 lists out over 12 thousand dollars so it's a pretty big chunk of change. The 650 is right around the 10 or 11, I can't remember off hand for sure.

Was in talking with the honda dealer the other day and they're coming out with a new feature on at least on of thier quads. It's electric assisted steering. No more pulling the handle bars around all you have to do is turn it. They're also coming out with another efi vs. But the salesman doubted that they'd be able to get either quad in. He figure that the states would grab them all up before he could even get a chance at getting one.

Sounds like you could have been really hurt by the quad. Sounds pretty painfull though too. Good to hear that the quad wasn't hurt. Just take it easy for a while I guess. There's not to much a guy can do with a broken rib. From what I hear it hurts no matter what you do.


Rick K
09-22-2006, 09:48 PM
Yes High priced help eh they did not do there job right the first time that's for sure.

Yes we sure do need it Ryan we could sure use some more though...

Yes they do look very nice I think big time hp though wow...the 07 are out I was looking at the 07 Grizzly yes it has power steering too what will they do next. The quad in 07 is all new no inter changing parts from 06 to 07 all new. I was thinking taking all the stuff off the 660 & buying a new 07 and putting my stuff on it but it will not fit that just sucks eh.

Yes I was very lucky Ryan I could be in the hospital at my age. I still hurting from it shoulder, rib w00t .....I did hit my head real hard to but that did not hurt hee hee...and true though... :lmao: :lmao:


poor farmer/logger
09-23-2006, 11:15 AM
Was in P.A. yesterday so we went up to the Bombardier dealer there to see what they had and what they'd do for prices. I didn't deal real hard with them yet but there price that they say they wont move on is 11,800 for the 650 and 12,850 for the 800. They didn't have any 800 in and they only had the one 650 in yellow left. I was out a little on those other prices that I said. The best ones that I found so far was 11,650 for the 650 and 12,700 for the 800.

I had heard that yami came out with power steering. Salesman said that they were going to wait and see how it holds up and then maybe bombardier would come out with something in the next year or two.


Rick K
09-23-2006, 12:49 PM
Hi Ryan when I bought my 06 Grizzly 660 Camo which was a 300.00 350.00 option the color, I also received a 54" plow & winch. I paid 10,100.00 plus taxes..

I put lot's on after like tires Queen seat for Claudette foot stands for the Queen....etc

call Troy see what he has Ryan but don't come to pick it up till we have snow you can bring your sled stay at our place sled for a few days & pick you quad up and go home....Troy does have some Honda's Yamaha's plus his Uncle has the Bombardier dealer across the road from Troy's place...


poor farmer/logger
09-23-2006, 11:26 PM
That's not a bad price for a bike like that. I don't know why honda and bombardier are so expensive. If anything bombardier should be cheaper, there's no frieght compared to the other brands. Dad's getting a little more anxious to go to Ab. so I might see what we can do out there. I hate to have to pay extra if you know what I mean. Just by crossing the border I can save money right away. Have to go to Saskatoon with some stuff some time this week posibly next weekend so I'm going to check out the dealers there. The same dealer has honda and bombardier so it's not like I have to drive all over.

I think for know if I bought either of the quads that I'm looking at that I'd leave them the way they are except for a rear cargo box/seat like yours. I would pick up one of them just to have a place to put stuff when I go on rides.

That would be pretty sweet Rick, put on a few miles on the sled and bring home a new quad. I'll have to see how things work out.

I'll maybe give troy a call and see what he's got for me.

Did Mark ever go down to the states and bring back some quads?


Rick K
09-26-2006, 05:36 PM
No I thought it was alright Ryan....me neither...try dealing on a 06..

I forgot about it but I do remember someone saying you get no warranty with them Ryan. I think if Mark had bought one by now I would have had him in our yard...


poor farmer/logger
09-28-2006, 08:06 PM
Hi Rick, I can't find any 06 left to deal on.

Lots of look good deals on ebay too but who know if the other guy on the other end even has what he says he's selling. He could be living on the other end of the world for all we know.


Rick K
10-04-2006, 07:03 PM
Yes it is not looking good around here either Ryan I seen the 07 at Troys place but none of my add ons will fit on the 07 it is all a different size what a bummer. I was just thinking....but not now...


poor farmer/logger
10-04-2006, 11:22 PM
That's to bad, I guess the manufactuers have it all figured out ehh. Buy a new quad then you have to buy all new accesories again. That's where they make all of the money it seems.

I haven't done any more looking now for a little while. We're going to try and combine again tomorow I think. I still have my flax left yet too so we still aren't done.


Rick K
10-09-2006, 10:49 AM
Ya your right there Ryan they do. Glen stoped in on Friday we still do lot's together in the work feild I have 7 peices of his equipment rented & working at training classes around manitoba. He want's me to go to Alberta to take care of some cut line job he might have for the winter 20 cat's. Supervisor again don't know what I will do.

Michael went to the Stones on Friday night in Regina he said they where unreal he has seen them with me back in 93 or 95...he wants to go splits on the Phazer so I have been thing do I or don't I. w00t I could keep it here for Claudette to ride with myself....because we do know Hap his sled is still sitting with engine problems and he has not even look at it. I don't think he will get that 550 ext going this season I bet.


poor farmer/logger
10-12-2006, 03:41 PM
20 cats ehh, be quit a job in a way keeping good operators on them all and keeping them all going. Making sure they're doing what they're suposed to do too I suposed.

Mom was watching the news and said that they interviewd 3 or 4 guys from Mb. I can't remember right now how many it was but they had come in a camper or motor home and were going to see the stones. Mom said she thought of you when she saw it and was wondering if by chance you were there. But I told here that I didn't think that you'd picked up tickets to go. I guess it was a pretty good concert from what I heard though.

So your still thinking of that phazzer ehh. It sounds like if you want someone to ride with you better buy one quick.

Get any snow out there yet? We had a little flurry come threw here yesterday. Didn't amount to much but it was still snowing hard for a bit.


Rick K
10-12-2006, 06:22 PM
Snow yes we have had it and it has gone then it snowed again & again & they are calling for more Ryan.....

No I did not go to see the stones...I've been looking for some 06 quads & I found some fro you .......Kawasaki though Gord is his name 204-3387610...

750 red 9699............750 cameo 9999....650 red 8699......650 red8299...

all new with 2,500 winch and 2 years war

have to run to meeting talk to ya after..


poor farmer/logger
10-14-2006, 12:07 AM
They're calling for more snow here for next tue. I hope they're wrong though as I still want to get my flax off.

I don't know why for sure but I've never been a real big fan of the Kawis, I hear they're a pretty good bike but just never had much to do with them. Closest dealer is 80 miles away too which doesn't help I guess.

I'm surprised he's still got 06 left.

Little bit of info you may have allready known but Suzuki and Kawasaki are jointly owned. They share engines and bikes I believe as well. Certain models got cut when they joined though because it was a competition between the two. Now they're almost the same.

Sounds like you pretty busy out there again.


Rick K
10-14-2006, 06:28 PM
Ok we are going to get a pile of snow this winter because I think I will buy that Phazer maybe...I hope you get that flax off so you can buy that quad soon....

Well I just thought I would tell you Ryan I was there with Hap ordering parts for his quad...I don't think will work or last long what he is doing spend that money fix it right... w00t

Well I guess you will have to buy a Yamaha eh ha ha joke :lmao: I would buy another one this one has been great no complents for me I'm happy with it so far...

Yes I have been going crazy out here working getting things ready for winter I have sold my outdoor woodstove. w00t don't look like that Ryan I did...cheaper to use electric....mom out have to go for a walk


poor farmer/logger
10-14-2006, 09:39 PM
I sure hope so too, I'll still have enough money left I think after I pay up my bills to buy one but I don't know yet. They haven't got any new ones in yet anyways so I have to wait for a bit anyways. They've got that 650 bombardier that I'm going to see if I can have for a day to try it out. I wan't to make sure it's what I want before I buy. Might end up buying a 500 instead though. Everyone says they will run with the 700 quads even though it's only a 500. So I wouldn't be losing much power. Plus I get a discount on it because I'm a farmer. They don't have that program on the 650 or 800.

Sure hope he gets it fixed right so you don't have to pull his quad home for him too. :ohmy:

I've been meaning to ask you what you were going to do for heat this year. I didn't know if you had gotten it fixed up again or not.

Looked at a new apex today. Brand new one for 13,900 I belive it was. I'll buy a quad before I spend that much on a new sled. I could get it cheaper I think but even so that's still a pile of money to spen. Truefully I'm kinda getting out of snowmobiling anyways. Not completely but I'm just not as into it as I used to be. I still love to go sledding but the cost involved now to do any is just terible.

Good to hear your mom is getting around good again.


Rick K
10-15-2006, 10:59 AM
Sure you will have enough money left over Ryan....I think that would be the way to go with a Bombardier I seen the info commercial on them they impressed me. Don't take me wrong nothing wrong with the Yamaha though. It will run with the big boys because you can't run at top speed all the time.

Ya yes hard working construction workers have to pay all are taxes we don't get a break. hee hee joke good for you I glad to someone gets a break.

Me too I have not been out for some time for a ride.

Yes I did get it fixed last year Ryan but the guy that cut wood for us his dad past on last winter so he does not do it any more. I was paying them 70 a cord so I shopped around and everyone wants 125 a cord well let me tell you Ryan I sure can use a lot of electricity.....I did the math it would coast me money so for the first time in 24 years I will not be burning it saddens me I have like doing it every year yes some ruff times in there too...

Yes the Phazer Michael really wants one real bad so I have been thinking of getting one I will get all that travel money from the course enough to buy one tax fee money opps starting to sound like a farmer eh.(Joke) taxes free....so I will more then likely make Michael pay for half I will pay the other half...don't want to spoil Michael anymore. That way if Michael does not come out to ride well Claudette can I hope.

mom yes we spent every weekend together doing thing seeing things driving to the lake just all over the place. mom & myself are very close I'm her number one son. I will be very happy if she is her at this time next year it's not good. I have been working to keep her positive at time is very challenging. I can see she is losing weight now. I say a prayer every night for mom....yes I forgot to tell you I'm her only son...ha ha.


poor farmer/logger
10-18-2006, 12:10 AM
I hope so Rick. I'ld like to hang onto a few dollars too for future investments but that's seems really hard to do these days. If I buy a new quad I wont have a whole lot left over.

Farmers have it on easy street I tell ya. :D :D Not to often we get a break but if we can I'm going to take advantage of it.

Been to cold here the last little while and to wet to take my dirt bike out. Once it get below 0 I don't like to run my bike to much. Don't want to take a chance of leaning it out and burning up a piston.

To bad about selling your wood stove. Imo there's no other heat like it other then a actual wood fire. Maybe that's what you need, a little fire place to sit around.

I had a dream the other night that I loged on here and you had a post all about the new phazzer that you and Michael had just bought so who knows. :D Tax free money is alwasy nice. To bad we can't buy the toys tax free too. It's alwasy nice to be able to get out with family when snowmobiling. I'm alwasy trying to get dad to go out for a ride but we can never get time to just take off and go. Got no one else to ride with around here any more either.

That sadens me to hear Rick. I guess all you can do is stay positive and keep your mom positive and of course pray for a miracle. It's a good thing that you live close together. Makes it a whole lot easier to spend time together.


Rick K
10-20-2006, 09:11 PM
Hi Ryan yes it's great idea to put away for a rainy day that's for sure.

when you look at the price of the equipment & seed & land & insurance plus you have to live too...but it's not enough ....what do ya think about the wheat board...
http://www.cbc.ca/canada/manitoba/story/20.../cwb-bread.html (http://www.cbc.ca/canada/manitoba/story/2006/10/20/cwb-bread.html)

that would not be good to blow a piston Ryan...
It has been cold at the lake the wind sure does get cold maybe I'm getting soft Ryan....ha ha...

In a hart beat Ryan I would love the indoor woodstove that is the best heat in the world but. Insurance plus ....

On Wednesday Michael and myself where out and we where talking about the Phazer........do ya need reverse or not is it going to be th fx or the other ones....we will start shopping soon I like to grind Troy it's a game I like to play...

that is about it Ryan try to stay positive for mom


poor farmer/logger
10-21-2006, 03:14 PM
That sounds like some left wings article trying to scare people into believing the wheat board is the only option.

The buyers of the grain in other countries don't know how bad the original growers are getting screwed over. We went into the Sask wheat pool the other day and were looking at the wheat board prices. Barley the initial payment was .16/bushel. That's right 16 cents per bushel. The final price they estimated at around $1.6/bushel. There's no gurantee that you'll even get that though. That's not the worst though right now you can sell barly on the open market to feed mills and such for 2.50/bushel. The wheat board has been playing games with farmers money for years. I sold some wheat threw them last year because I thought I was going to get a #2 for it which is worth cosiderably more then a #3 wheat. Well the elevators decided not to give me a #2 for it even though it was. I had a contract signed with the wheat board but I did manage to get out of it mostly. I still had to sell about 400 bu threw them. Ther rest I sold to the local feed mill and got my money right away. I'm still waiting on the rest of my payment from last year on that 400 bu that I sold to them. I wont see any of that untill January though if there is anything coming.

We don't usually sell threw the wheat board unless they're paying good for something which isn't verry often. Lots of times we've sold #1 wheat for feed to the local feed mills because they're paying more then the wheat board will pay us.

The wheat board is getting scared now though so expect to hear more stories like that one in the coming months.

Had my bike out this morning for a little bit just to run around the yard with. It's pretty cold out though.

Sounds like your getting closer to a deal. Reverse is kind of nice but if your in deep snow you can just about forget about using it. At least that's the way my yamaha is. Mind you I don't have much of a track on it for traction either.


Rick K
10-22-2006, 09:27 AM
Wow I get the picture Ryan I thought that about the wheat board but not being a farmer I was not sure of my opinion. They sound like a dictatorship eh...

Yes it's getting cold here too have to almost put your sled suit on if you wanted to go for a big ride....

I will more then likely buy one in December....

Michael is heading up to Thompson to work at Nelson House 1st Nation this week water treatment plant they will be wiring...


poor farmer/logger
10-25-2006, 11:54 PM
The wheat board has a place in the marketing systom but I sure hate them having the monopoly on it. Did you know that I can get arested if I haul my onw grain across the boarder? We can haul oats canola flax along with a few other grains that the board doesn't have controll over but wheat and barley forget about it.

Been out on a few short little rips on my bike but no big rides at all. Truefully I haven't had time. We've been real busy here the last while sawing up logs trying to get orders filled

Sure a pile of people ditching water out this year. Practically every field around here has v ditches on them. Gona have to watch out this winter when I'm sledding. It could get interesting next spring if we have lots of run off.

He's gona make enough money to pay his share of the phazzer ehh. Should be pretty good money working up there.


poor farmer/logger
10-26-2006, 09:11 PM
Hi Rick, do you know the name of the bombardier dealer across from troys place? He's in Elie isn't he?

Been dealing with a guy in brandon on a couple of quads, told him I had to wait till the new year then I might pop on out and see him. Little better deal then I've found around here so far.


Rick K
10-28-2006, 09:34 AM
Hi Ryan I hear ya I don't like someone to have a monopoly on anything but it's turning out that way today....the big guys are eating up the little guys I see it all over the place even in the construction industry...

Wow I sure hope the lumber orders keep coming in Ryan....

Wow the next ride on my quad it will be like riding a new one ha ha ....I can not tell you the last time I have been out for a ride...

That sounds like the red river valley everyone has drainage off their land..

I sure hope so Ryan...Michael has it already he is tight with his money.....Michael was home on Wednesday night short job but he is off to Gimli today...

Lukes is the name Ryan it's Troy's Uncle


poor farmer/logger
10-28-2006, 09:38 PM
There's lots of talk about having a vote on the future of the wheat board but so far it's only talk. Time will tell I guess.

It'll still be there in the spring waiting for ya. Gona have to start getting your sled ready to go again. I imagine the snow will be flying again before to long.

We've got pretty good drainage around here, most of the water runs into the creek just east of us with a little bit of work. I'm going to take the skidder out tomorow and clean out one run a little bit. Then maybe take our 4wd tractor out with the v ditcher and try to drain out our dug out.

I was out on my dirt bike tonight after it got dark out and found a little surprise in our field. I was going along about 25 mph and all of a sudden I felt and heard a great big splash. Found out the hard way that our neibour had drained some water onto us. Got a little wet but not to bad. Got my attention real quick though. :D

That is a good way to be, I don't spend any more of my money then I have to. Once or twice a year I'll go and buy something semi expensive for myself. The thing I hate the most though is spending money on cloths. It drives me nuts when I have to spend a hunderd bucks just for a pair of shoes.

Thanks Rick, I'll have to see If I can find it on the net.


Rick K
10-29-2006, 06:11 PM
Wow that will be something to see.....

Yes it will be but I did buy a blade for it so I might want to put it on to clean the driveway...

Wow that must have freaked you out eh...

Well I started deal on the phazer in Riverton I have him down to 8,500 on the FX witch list for 9,200 that's not bad I think what do you think Ryan

Darn I will look for a !-800 number for ya Ryan Sorry....1-204-353-2020 wow they have Suzuki in the phone book maybe they quite don't carry ski doo I will ask Troy....


poor farmer/logger
10-29-2006, 08:14 PM
My brother kept his drive way in town cleaned all winter with his quad. He said he put on 70 kms just pushing snow with it. I told him half of that was probably spining but he said no it actually pushed pretty good. I was thinking about getting a blade for my quad if and when I get one. It would sure come in handy for plowing off the slews or the dug out for skating on.

Was a little surprised but okay. I went back and looked at it today and I had to hit the spot where it was the widest too. :D I could see my tracks right threw the middle of it.

8500 sounds not to bad I guess. Will troy beat that price?

That's okay Rick, I checked out thier website last night and your right all they have for quads now is Suzuki.

Been thinking pretty hard about that 500 in Brandon though. I think I might pop out there this winter and pick one up. Will have to wait and see for sure though. Couple of accesories I've got to deal on too. I need a windshield for it and heated grips. A guy needs that stuff this time of the year.

Went out and opend up the dug out today. I didn't get it as good as I wanted it though. I was a little scared of getting stuck so I was being pretty cautious. I've had the skidder stuck 3 times in there this fall so I had reason to be a little extra cautious. It's running out now though so it will still take some water off the top. I'll see if I can't get back in there in a few days again. I need to get it about another 8" deeper. Them d!#$ v ditchers are a real pain to try and back up with though. I sure wish I had a backhoe or a track hoe here now.


Rick K
10-31-2006, 07:36 PM
That's good to know Ryan....that would be a good idea...

Wow that unreal he would do that I think I would have to have coffee with him...and pie too...

Ya I looked today and asked they said he let it go a few years ago...to bad...

Hey Ryan you might have to put your sled on the trailer and I will come out that way and do some sledding in Brandon...

Yes a nice track hoe would be unreal to have on the farm what could you do besides having the best drained land around....


Rick K
10-31-2006, 07:56 PM
Well I was wrong Ryan he said 8,700....so we had some snow today well the roads where slippery as hell and I went to work it was cancelled for the day....so I went back home Claudette did not go to work so I said to her let's go see if we can deal on a new car for her today.....

So we went to Gillis GMC in Elie next to Troys place I bought my truck from here so did Michael and as well as Claudette last car....great people so Claudette bought a new 07 Vibe today....

So after leaving the place I said to Claudette would you mind if I stopped at Troys for a minute she said no...so I went inside to see if Troy was there yep so I said hey Troy do you know this guy from Riverton he said yep....so I said I stopped in to see him about a Phazer FX that list for 9,199.00 so what are you going to do Troy .....he said 8,500 I said deal we shook hands He will have it in and ready in 2 weeks...

so the town of Elie has received allot of our money 2 cars 2 trucks 1 Quad 2 sleds wow I should just buy a house there...


poor farmer/logger
10-31-2006, 09:22 PM
Wow Rick, your just spending money like it's going out of style ehh. :D At least you'll have company with you on the trails this winter.

I'll bet claudette is happy now with a new car to drive too.

So when's the new apex coming. Everyone else is getting new toys now except you. That's no fair is it? :lmao:

No Snow here yet. Been few flakes but nothing that amounts to much. Still hoping for the end of the week to combine.


Rick K
11-01-2006, 07:04 PM
Yes Ryan there is only one problem with that it's my money form all that training....easy come easy go eh....ha ha...

She does not have it yet properly next week she will have it ....it is in Regina...

I wish but don't please don't hold your breath maybe next year...that's a good one though Ryan I like it... :D

We have some a few more inches I might take the RX1 out for the 1st rip of the season...

I sure do hope that weather works with you guys so you can get the crop off Ryan.....may the snow God's be with you..if it helps...


poor farmer/logger
11-02-2006, 09:53 PM
Well what the heck ehh, you can't take it with you. :D

You'll be driving a new one before the end of winter Rick, I can see it now. :D Who knows maybe you wont be able to keep up to that little Phazzer. :tongue: :undercover:

Hope you get some snow soon so you can get a early start to sleeding. Tell ya what, you can have our share up till christmas. That's just fine with me. :)

Was going to try it again tomorow but the humidity is still up around 80% so that's not going to go yet I don't think. It needs to come down to around 50 or 60% before it will go threw again.


Rick K
11-04-2006, 11:16 AM
Yes your right Ryan ha ha I'm doing that...can't you see ha ha :p :lmao:

Never say never w00t but I don't think so I want to head out on a few trips this winter though..

Well we have some we just need a few more inches and we might start riding...thanks I will take it..

I see it's a humidity game eh...I sure hope it works for you guys....

Well I'm finished training again that was a long two months for me...but it was good though that tax free money paid my half of the Phazer...with some left over..back to the office on Monday... there sounds like there is another one in the works training for the government this time wait to see what happens...


poor farmer/logger
11-04-2006, 10:38 PM
Snowed a we little bit here last night but just a skiff. Combining still isn't out of the question just yet but it's getting closer to hopeless.

It was 100% humidity when I got up this morning. Haven't seen that in a while.

It's funny Rick, I was just thinking about asking you how your training was going. I wasn't quit sure if you had finished that up earlier or were still doing it. Good to hear that it went okay though. I'll be that office will feel a little bit more comfortabel then them ol crawlers.


Rick K
11-08-2006, 09:19 PM
They are calling for snow tonight Ryan I sure hope so getting sick of this rain snow would be much better....

Yes Nov 3 was it's last day but they are talking of more right away....I don't mind I still have Iron in the blood I don't think it will ever go away....don't take me wrong nothing wrong with the office either.....or riding sled's too...ha ha :D

going to take the Quad in to get the blade put on will take some pictures of it ....

asked Troy where the Phazer was he said it was on the water... w00t


poor farmer/logger
11-09-2006, 10:23 AM
Sure hope you get some. I know what you mean about all of the rain. That's what our sept. and oct. were like. From the middle of sept. to the end of oct. we had over 8" of rain.

It's kind of fun to get back on the equipment once in a while anyways. I always look forward to getting out in the field doing what ever it may be. By the time we get done what ever we're doing though I'm about ready to do something else. Get's a little boring going up and down the field all day doing the same thing. I guess that's one good thing about a wet year though every pass you make is alwasys a adventure. :lmao: You never know for sure what your getting into sometimes,

I'm sure that will come in handy this winter for pushing snow away.

At least he didn't say it was in tiny pieces yet. :D Should be here before to long then.


Rick K
11-11-2006, 02:10 PM
Wow the ground is tightening up starting to get a crust on it...

Yes I hear you Ryan about getting off of it...so true that's for sure...

Have not took the Quad to Troy's yet maybe I'm waiting for snow eh...ha ha...

Yes your right it will be here soon...


poor farmer/logger
11-11-2006, 08:31 PM
I pushed some snow out onto the edge of the one slew today with the skidsteer. I actually had it out on the ice. Couldn't hear it cracking or anything but I sure didn't shut it off to listen either. :D

Have you even been out on it since you got hurt that one time? I still don't have my dirt bike put away yet. Gona get one more ride out of it yet.

Auction sale tomorow I might go to. It's a snowmobile auction. Don't plan on buying a sled but they've got a couple of trailers there and some other small misc. things.


Rick K
11-12-2006, 12:41 PM
Well I would say that guy in the skidder is pushing it...cracking ice is good sign of good ice...

Yes I have been out just around the yard but no one around to ride with Hap is busy old Roy has gone to Texas and Dan well he is around some where...

keep your hands in your pockets ha ha eh....new sled new quad & trailer to bring both of them home eh...that sounds like a real plan.... :D


poor farmer/logger
11-12-2006, 06:36 PM
It was the skidsteer, it's not quit as heavy as the skidder. I was only in about a foot of water so I wasn't worried to much. We've had some pretty cold nights to drive the frost down. There's about 6" of ice on the slews now. I don't know what the lakes are like but the river is all frozen over now.

Didn't make it to the auction at all. Had planed on it but we went for a drive instead. I've still got my money though so that's okay.


Rick K
11-12-2006, 07:12 PM
Sorry I must read better right ha ha..pay attention right...wow that's great...

great point you still have your money.... :D

well our outdoor woodstove left today it's done w00t so we will see how we do this winter....global warming I don't think I will part with the central air any time soon ha ha...


poor farmer/logger
11-13-2006, 11:35 AM
Happens to me once in a while too. If I happen to be reading to fast I'll end up skipping a word or two or mis reading a word.

So what did you do with the old lines, are they still in the ground?

Rained again a little bit here this morning.


Rick K
11-13-2006, 03:10 PM
Yes they are in the case still it is sad Claudette & myself where talking yesterday we both said it is sad but it's about money these days...

boy it has been windy but I guess that's what happens when your a flat Lander eh..... :D :lmao:

Rick :christmas:

Rick K
11-13-2006, 06:49 PM
http://www.cbc.ca/technology/story/2006/11...ands-water.html (http://www.cbc.ca/technology/story/2006/11/13/oilsands-water.html)

Rick :christmas:

poor farmer/logger
11-14-2006, 09:38 PM
I hear ya on the money part. Still gona hurt when the power bill comes though. :(

Hasn't been to bad here lately, it's actually been pretty calm. They're talking of some bigger winds tomorow though. Got another couple of inchees on snow but we still don't have much. Some places not that far away though are up to a foot allready. :ohmy: Not me though :( Only got about 5 or so inches.

They're sure going great guns up there. I don't know what kind of a plan that they've got to deal with all of that stored water. Could be one heck of a mess if that ever lets go and spills all over.


Rick K
11-17-2006, 11:21 PM
Yes but we think by the time we would have paid for the wood we would be further behind then just paying the hydro bill...the wood went from 700 to 1,250. that's allot of Hydro Ryan..

Wow we have a pile of freezing rain last night the highways well you could skate on them this morning....they say it will be nice for the grey cup I hope it is...I might even watch it...

No kidding eh...

Rick :christmas:

poor farmer/logger
11-18-2006, 12:19 AM
Wow, that's is a big jump. Were they charging you buy the chord? Fire wood around here is selling for around 60-100/chord. There's some guys asking rediculous prices like 200/chord but I don't think they are getting it either.
We were charging $60 for a half ton truck load last winter. That price went up though too. We decided this fall though to not bother selling any because even at that price we weren't making any money on it.

Not to much here at all. No more snow either. :( The snow is just about gone again now. Who knows maybe I'll be able to combine yet. :lmao: :crazy: :dazed:

I was wondering if you had tickets to go to the game at all. Figured with it being so close you might just pop on over and see the game.


Rick K
11-19-2006, 02:19 PM
Ya it nut's but the coast of every thing has gone up and there is nothing you can do about it pay or move on so I will move on...I can't do something that does not pay off for me I will cut the losses...but I will miss it....

That would be good eh get that crop off Ryan...sweet...

No it's not my cup of tea I like N.F.L. but I will watch it on the boob tube maybe...

I need to build a new toy shed for the toys....two sleds one riding lawnmower...one quad...but must build it big enough for the possibility for another quad...too.. 16x24 here is why it's a bigger car too..

Michael & myself went to Troy's yesterday bought new sled pants Yamaha jacket and helmet too...Troy said it is in transit should be this week....

Rick :christmas:

poor farmer/logger
11-19-2006, 10:46 PM
I really doubt it's going to happen but who knows. I'll tell ya one thing I aint getting the combine out and going untill I know that it will go. Which I can almost gurantee wont be till next spring. It's on fairly high ground though with good drainage so if it dries up I should be able to get to it pretty quick in the spring.

I've never gotten into football at all. Me and my friends used to go and play tackle foot ball during lunch break but the teachers didn't take a liking to that verry good. They were so scared someone was going to get hurt.

Looks pretty sharp Rick. It's not all wheel drive is it?? I don't know anything about the new lineups of cars.

You better build it big enough for that new boat that you'll have next spring. I remember you got beat out last year by a co worker on a real nice one so maybe next year is the year ehh. :D

Wow, all new suits to go with that new sled too. I need a new leather jacket but so far haven't bothered to look for one. All that's wrong with my old one is the zipper is shot so I might just get it replaced. I don't really feel like spending 400 on a new coat.


05-01-2007, 06:51 PM

Rick K
05-01-2007, 08:14 PM
Wow your just wow great picture....northmxzrider your crazy but having fun eh ....you do like the water...is all the snow gone yet...


05-01-2007, 10:48 PM
there is no more snow anymore but there is still ice on some of the lakes.

poor farmer/logger
05-03-2007, 02:32 PM
What the heck might as well throw a picture of mine on here too.


Hi northmxzrider, is that a 500 S?

Have you ever spent much time around Jan Lake at all? Had a friend whos parents used to own Martins cabins up there. Used to spend a little bit of time up there.


05-03-2007, 09:57 PM
its a 2006 honda rubicon, canadian trail edition. ya i go to jan lake alot. i just got my boaters licence so im going to be going there even more. jan lake is about 40 minutes from here. its a good place to camp and get lots of walley.

poor farmer/logger
05-04-2007, 09:57 AM
I used to go up there when my friends parents owned the camp but since they sold it I haven't been back. It's fats camp now. It's kind of a nasty lake in a way. Lots of rocks and lots of islands. It's pretty easy to get lost if you don't know where to go. We were coming back in to the docks at jan lake lodge and caught a rock with the motor on a rental boat. It hit the leg of the motor and knocked the cover off the top of the engine. It didn't hurt anything as I remember but the cover went to the bottom of the lake.

Been up threw Creighton a couple of times.


05-04-2007, 11:14 PM
i know that lake good now because we have been going to that lake for a long time now. i only hit one reef but it wan't bad because i was using the trolling motor and it was very rough and the main motor hit a rock.

Rick K
05-11-2007, 06:59 AM
Yes it has been years .....but I sure would like to go back to Jan Lake it is one nice spot...nice picture of the Quad Ryan...How ia the highway to Jan now..northmxzrider.

wow the miner had a big pay out in Flin Flon....home of Bobby Clark ....


05-11-2007, 11:48 AM
there is a new road from the Hanson lake highway to Jan lake that is a little bit shorter. and yes that bonus was big here for HB&S. it was about $18000, so there has been alot of new vehicles and atv's around town. I hope to be going to jan next week when fishing season opens up.

Rick K
05-11-2007, 04:11 PM
wow if you can take a few pictures for us please.. it's been years. we did fish in jan too it is great place to go. I worked on the Hanson years ago. is Himore(spelled) still hauling sand from up that way to Flin Flon...

well he is a picture of our quads we had to hide the rims because they are not as nice as Ryan's :tongue: that's the wife behind me...


05-11-2007, 10:37 PM
ya Himores is still hauling sand. that pic of me quading is actually just across the highway from Himore's. here's a picture that kind of shows Himore's sand pits to the left.[attachment=36267:quading_017.jpg]

Rick K
05-12-2007, 09:10 AM
wow they have been hauling sand for years..the riding up north would be unreal ...are trails around Jan Lake northmxz for quads....we had our camp when we built the road right past the junction to Jan Lake on the left heading to Prince Albert...

wow that is one great picture you have...riding the wave....


05-12-2007, 10:03 AM
I don't think there are any good quading trails around Jan lake that I know of. But there are alot of trails around Creighton and Flin Flon. when i go quading some time next week I will try to get some more pictures.

Rick K
05-13-2007, 01:15 PM
Yes that would be great a few good pictures from around Flin Flon .....I guess there would be some unreal trails around with some great rocks to ride on too..