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78tigre6000 03-28-2012 04:14 PM

el tigre 6000 performance issue
hi guys, i have a 1978 el tigre 6000 with the lc440. i have been having a problem with the machines performance, last year at the very begining of the season (first time i took it out) i got ten feet out of my driveway and the primary clutch blew up:cussing:. i didnt get it fixed until this year and now when i ride it it runs great, starts easy plenty of power and acceleration up until about 7600rpm and 1/2 throttle. anything past that and it bogs out like crazy and you have to baby it at like 1/4 throttle just to stay moving, i know it isnt the carbs or spark plugs or ignition coil so i am leaning towards the stator being weak since it seems like when there is alot of fuel in the cylinder the spark isnt strong enough to ignite and it takes a long time to clean the plugs after. also i keep blowing headlights which i assume is the voltage regulator, could they be related? anyway just wanted someones take on this with some more experience than me. and if it does sound like the stator, would the one out of a 1976 pantera 5000 work as a swap? if not does anyone know where to get some magnet wire to rewind the stator with in the edmonton area? i cant seem to find any.(i am fairly confident that i could do at least a passable job with the rewind). thanks and sorry for the long post, any help appreciated.

loosetrack 04-14-2012 02:57 PM

replace the jets for starters,run champion n2 for spark plugs and i always had the headlight issue as well,darn that was a long time ago since i bought it fresh out of the crate,i will have to do some memory surchin here and i will get back to you,oh as the rewinded thing goes,why,al's snowmobile salvage will help and give a call to ann or lon peterson at thunder products,the best carb guru the industry has

POLPILOT 04-30-2012 06:54 PM

Is that a reed valve engine? If soo, make sure a reed valve is not broken. That will let too much fuel in the cylinder and foul the plug.

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