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Scott S
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I have been going over my Polaris service manual for my 98 XLT LTD and trying to figure out the suspension adjustments.

My sled has 4 inch carbides on EZ steers, no studs. Suspension is set as follows. IFS 1 inch pre-load and 1 turn in on dampening. Front track shock 1-1/2" pre-load and 1 turn in on dampening. Torsion spring on medium. FRSS is set to high. I weigh about 205lbs.

This set up has been awsome all year in powder and hard pack up until the new carbides as the old ones were worn down. They were a different configuration than the SPX and had carbides, about 2 inches at the very back only. The SPX has 4 inch of 90 degree in the middle

I just replaced my carbides with 4" SPX 90 degree and this last ride out the rear was very loose. It was all over the trail even at constant speed. The trails were drifting and fairly soft. It felt as if the ski's were plowing under the snow and the rear was barely getting traction. It got worse with speed or deceleration and was even present while cruising. And by loose I mean all over the place in the rear. I touch the brake and around she would try and go. Same thing with acceleration. It was like a constant fishtail. After 138 miles of screwing around I was pooped. The front tracked straight and true. When in the bush on hardpacked she ran perfect. My buddy's sled tracked near perfect in all conditions.

I dropped the front IFS springs per-load to 1 inch, down 1 1/4 turns in 1/4 trun increments. I couldn't adjust the track anyways as it was iced over. It was still loose in the rear. My thought was to drop ski pressure.

The factory manual describes how to do the adjustments but not what effect they have on the sled. It does say the limiter strap does not control ski-pressure as in a conventional set up. It is the FRSS which is set high - as light as possible. The limiter is all the way out anyways.

I think maybe the front track shock preload might be related to ski pressure. When resting the front of the skid is solid on the floor and the rear is lifted about 1/8 of an inch off the floor. When you sit down the rear settles down.

Does anyone know what each adjustment effects and to what extent?

Due to poor snow I have to adjust while the skid is thawed and then trailer 2 hrs to ride. Once there I can't get any adjustments due to icing.

Any suggestions or set ups I could try before heading out again.

Have a great day!


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for more ski pressure on a xtra 12 move your frss to a low if thats not enough move the frss block to the foward hole ,yours came stock in the back hole. if you want less weight transfer go to your dealer and order gray rrss block yours came with a black rrss.
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