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Just wondering....noticed some rust spots starting up and was wondering if I can clean it off with WD40. Will it catch fire next time I run the sled?
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i use wd-40 to do alot of under the hood cleaning, havent caught fire yet, just make sure you wipe off the excess
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Use a cleaner for it like a metal polish or a never dull. It will leave a coat of protectant on that is unflammable to my knowledge. The important thing it to keep the pipe dry. I always clean mine after use and I actually havent had any rust yet. I know the sled is new so I *am hoping that this kind of maint will work well. I use WD-40 or Armor All on my plastics and hoses and I have never got a fire going. Worse case scenario I always carry a fire extinguisher LOL
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Drive it every day and it will hardly rust even if you keep it outside. The worst thing for a muffler is salt water/slush spray. I use aerosol grease (like LPS 3) on my mufflers every spring when I put the rigs away. In the fall it melts/smokes off with the first runs. I take it easy for the first miles so nothing gets real hot and *I've never had trouble with that. I've never even worried about WD-40 burning as the majority of it is gone after a few minutes anyway. Use it if you want to. IMO you're not driving that thing nearly enough if you worry about rust more than wear.
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Valley runner
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I use wd40,smokes a lot for about 5 min.Looks good after but it only lasts for about month.Works good on the aluminum stuff that has salt pits,not the clutchs though LOL
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paul yarek
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*with a bucket and hose after every ride i go, then into the barn and i spray the tie rods, the shock shafts and the muffler.
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I follow the same routine as Paul. *No fires yet. *I must admit, I'm getting a little lazy with the bucket and soap, since I got the enclosed trailer. *Lot less salt getting in and rusting things up.

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It wont catch fire. *

But it is a good practic to spray wd40 on the pipe and engine and electrical stuff after a weekend and especially after a trailer. *WD 40 protects from corosion and gets rid of moisure. *I drench the whole engine compartment after every weekend. *Just avoid the clutch and brake.
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I personally wouldn't do it. You already said that it burns.
WD40 is a very good oil and has alot of uses. The problem with it is that it is a light oil and if you do any aggressive riding at all the oil burns and disipates quickly.
Its not a matter of will it burn, yes it will but not like a fire more less alot of smoke.
When the smoke quites the wd is gone and there is no protection from rust again and you start all over.
Yoou would be burning more WD40 then 2 stroke oil!
Go with Powderboys suggesion it works the best.
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Dont worry about it. *If you get so much that you think it will, just wipe off the extra. *You'll be just fine.
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