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A guy in our snowmobile group told me today that while checking his sled over after riding this past weekend, he pryed one of his studs that was stuck in his rear snow flap. He put the sled (a 2002 XC 700 polaris) up on the stand and sure enough, he had a square hole the size of the backer right through his track. He has 144 stainless steel studs with three in each of the center panels of the track. The one that pulled through was in the middle, with a stud on each side.

Question............What options does he have? Just leave it?.... He was thinking of taking the other 2 studs out in the panel, and maybe bolting a thin steel patch over all three holes to try to strengthen the weak area, but he is concerned about the weight of the patch throwing the track out of balance. I've heard of track repair companies but I'd also heard it was very expensive.
Any thoughts on what to do to get some more use out of this track before replacing it? It has approx, 2,100 miles on it.
Thanks Dooz :slick:
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Just leave it and codderize the hole with a blow torch. Ive seen a guy drive around with a track that used to be studded and it was just holes. If he codderizes it so there is no strings hanging it it will be perfect.
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