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Polaris _Indy_Sport
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i have a 93 indy sport 440 it seems like it spins the track alot it runs great sounds good but dont get very good traction or somthing sounds like a belt slip but thats not it i have had it at 75mph should it go faster? what should the compression be?
is there somthing i could do to the carbs without blowing it up?
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i had a 91 sport and now my brother owns it. bulletproof sleds. that ones top end on nice hard pack was right around 70-75 mph too. its only a 440 fan so its not going to have plentiful power. all you can do is play with your primary and secondary spring settings, theres no aftermarket pipes for sports. dont mess with your jets unless your running to rich or lean, do plug checks, also check your belt if your slippin. if your having probs spinning, put some studs in it. it will bring down your top end a tad bit, but IMO studs are one of the best things you can put on a sled. i have 144 in both of my sleds and they hook up great, just plainly increase performance and stability. good luck

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