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Old 10-12-2005, 10:41 PM   #1
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Primary Sled: 2000 Venture 500 XL
Where I sled: Espanola, Killarney, Sudbury
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Hey everyone

I was looking into purchasing this sled but thought id ask some questions here first.

First of all, Iv heard that the yamaha non powervalved triples are really good on gas when compared to other near equal displacement sleds. I know that they are better on gas than the F5 firecat as my freind has a 600 triple venture and it was getting better mileage than the cat, but wil the triple also be better than my phazer on gas?. Im expecting somewhere close.

From what iv heard, these motors are not the most powerful when compared with same displacement motors from other manufacturers, but was wondering how the SXR600 might stack up against other 600cc sleds, such as the polaris XLT and any of the other 600cc equiped sleds such as ZR's. For what its worth, the sled is longtracked with a one tooth gear reduction, reed spacers and a roller secondary with a brand new ripsaw track, unstudded, and maight be putting a pipe on it. This is in a comparrison for people who have ran with other people on one or two of these sleds at the same time, just a generalization. To make it simpler, the difference in top speed, and it doesnt have to be that the sleds are setup the exact same because it is never liek that anways.

Also, the sled has 7000kms on it, and was run with synthetic SHELL oil and is in MINT MINT condition. Does anyone know if the engine will still last a while like my phazer motor has so far?

Thanks in advance for any responses

Tuning Forks Forever!

USI VX-301 skis
Studboy 9" Shaper Bars
136" Ripsaw Track
108 1.325" Woodys Stainless Steel Studs
Woodys Big Nuts
GYT-R hood Brackets
GYT-R Skidplate
NGK Iridium Sparkplugs
Amsoil Interceptor Oil
Fitch Fuel Catalysts
Shockpros Shock Covers
Powermadd 3" Riser Block
Powermadd Throttle Cable Extension
NTN blueseal Bearings
Medium Height Tint Windsheild
Custom Liscense Plate
Sportech Blue Lightsheild
Zenon Headlight Bulb
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Old 10-13-2005, 02:42 PM   #2
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Primary Sled: 01 ZR 600 VEV
Where I sled: Chelmsford,Northern Ont
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Should run with the pre 2000 600s withing 5mph

Should be as good if not better on gas then your Venture XL

How much aka maybe I should have waited when i bought my 01 ZR

I loved the Vmax 700 and SX 500 I rode a few years ago
Current sled 01 ZR 700 X
3.5 Oles Machine riser,1.25 ripsaw,388/389 rear springs,45deg hooks,Shell Utra Oil

Previous sleds
-69 Dauphin--71 SW 396--75 GPX338--85 Safari 447--87 Safari 377
89 Safari Scout E--84 SRV 540--86 SRV 540--91 Indy 500--87 Indy 400
2nd 91 Indy 500
--95 STX 583-- 01 ZR 600 VEV
Current weather in Chelmsford
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