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Old 12-17-2007, 02:15 PM   #1
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Mileage: 170 miles
Primary Sled: 02 yamaha sx Viper
Where I sled: central and northern NY
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I just bought a 02 sx viper, the sled runs perfect when on the throtle, but when you slow or come to a stop the engine light flashes and it wont idle right........most of the time stalling out....any ideas what it is? maybe fuel issue?
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Primary Sled: 2002 Yamaha Viper
Where I sled: Northern Ontario
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First thing I would try is adjusting the idle speed screw where the throttle cable attaches to the carbs. Just follow the throttle cable to the carbs and you will see the adjuster screw. You may have carb/fuel issues, but this is quick and easy to try first. If I remember correctly, the vipers should idle around 1800 rpm. Also, after I cleaned my power valves this year, my engine was running like crap. It was the first time I ran it since it was stored in the spring, so there was lots of fogging oil in it, so I tried to run it for a while but it wouldn't clean up. It turns out one of the cables from the power valves was sitting on the wrong groove of the servo motor pulley and it was binding. If you look on totallyamaha.com you will find some useful power valve info about cleaning and adjusting, and also other useful viper info. Good luck.
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