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I'v heard some people where i ride talking about unhooking there dpm because it slows them down. I don't understand how dpm can make there sleds slower, isn't it suposed to improve your jetting and make your sled run better. Am i missing something here or what, this doesn't make sense to me.
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I've had good success with the DPM with the round slides.

For the flats, I've heard they are very inconsistent. A good
tuner can tune the sled to be spot on (for the ski-doos
I want my EGT's to be 1225 - 1250) for the day. For DPM's,
on a given day, temp, elevation, etc. the EGT's may not
be there, even though you jetted it there the week before.

If you are dragging the sled, 1150 to 1250 makes a difference
in performance.
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Old 11-23-2002, 07:15 PM   #3
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I've pulled it off and on for various reasons. The enleanment solenoid was sticking on me, when it was stuck closed it would blubber rich and use lotsa fuel. When it stuck open it the idle would hang lean and it would run (too) crisp on top. Anyone who says it cannot fail lean doesn't know what they're talkin about. Cleaning it fixed it but I didn't trust it so I pulled it off. Later in the season I bought a new solenoid because I got tired of jetting for every trip, it's been working ever since, sealevel to 9000'. When I was manually jetting I think I was pushing a little closer to the edge and the sled usually ran a bit crisper and used less fuel. my .02
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Old 11-24-2002, 12:09 AM   #4
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The DPM unit is very reliable. Very seldom have I seen one go bad. The original version had two solinoids, one for enrichment (presurizeing the float bowl) , and one for enleanment (pulling a negitive preasure on the float bowl). Nowdays the DPM only has one function, which is enrichment.
There is no need to fool around and disconnect the DPM unit unless your doing something like summer grass dragging.
Also, be warned that there is more to defeating the DPM than simply unplugging the sensor or pulling off the tubes.(take my word for it...this one goes in the "been there/done" that column.)
Keep in mind that the DPM system, according to ski-doo, doesn't operate in temps. above 40 degrees, in which case you'll be running fat. A sometimes quick fix instead of fooling with jets is to remove the foam pre-filter (the one behind the windshield). This is worth almost one jet size.
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one function"enrichment" ,false ,dpm leans the mixture out not the other way around.
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