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I live near St. charles and have ridden into Wisconsin before, but there is usually not enough snow to support it. Everty time i've ridden in northern Ill. I have broken some suspension part from either hitting rocks frozen under the snow, and on trail, to needing shock rebuilds from the corn fields that get crossed. I bite the bullit and drive to the UP for garranteed snow and good groomed trails, not to mention all the off trail fluff there is.
I live in North Aurora. Were do you hop on the trails around here. I have never sledded in IL at all. I am from MN. Last year I went to the UP and MN. If we get more snow here I would like to go out for the day. Can you give me some insite were I can go, unload, ect. I live right off Randall road I am thinking I could go west from my house and not have to trailer the sled.

Thanks for any help. :christmas:
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