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I have heard of "ditch banging" before. Could you explain exactly what that means? You ride along the edge of the roads in the ditch? Seems like you would run into hazards like rocks, posts, culverts,etc. not to mention riding near vehicle traffic.[/b]
ditch banging is can either be great or horrible depending on hwere you are but basically you just ride this ditch. i never new this was a new concept for people, its what i grew up on. the ditches that suck to ride are really deep and narrow ones, hard to really have fun it or even ride half fast. fun ditches are usaully wider and have lots of differetn errian in them. approaches are great to hit and some a very large and extremely fun to jump. but yes as you said you have to be careful lots of hazards you could possilbe hit. i hate riding ditches at night do to this. really there isnt rocks but you have to be careful for culverts (never hit approaches in the cetner unless you now for a fact that there is not one there, i know the ditches i ride and know where there are and are not ones) some ditches you have to be careful from posts and fences but really they are not usaully a large concern.
here is a pic of my favorite section, you cant see the hills and all the fun stuff in it but you can see how wide parts of the ditches are. the wide sections are about 300+ feet wider
the next is a picture of your ranch right outside of nevis, MN
the last is a picture of the land we got (400 some acres) 5 miles south of nevis.
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