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I do have a suggestion for a ride if I may......

As more and more woman attend this ride it was my thought that it would be kind of cool to have an afternoon set aside for an all woman's ride. Donna, Terry, Cathy, Deb, Barb, Jen and myself( hope I didn't forget anyone) could take off and then the guy's could go and do thier own ride and then we all could meet back for dinner or something.

Although some guy's might worry about us please remember we have strength in numbers and we would all stay together so in case something happend everyone would be together. We would let everyone know our route ect......

Fine tuning would have to be done but wanted to put the idea out there. Maybe, just maybe, this could become tradition and grow over the years.....I don't know but I for one would love to prove that us woman can take off and have a blast on our sleds. The men could rip it up with eachother and goof off like men do.

I think it 's a great idea and, no, I wouldn't worry about you guys as long as you are confident that you're good to go. There's always cell phones.

Would you like to handle mapping out a route and a meeting place? Are you thinking just a morning ride and maybe meet back up for lunch? Or maybe split up at lunch and head back and meet at the hotel? Let us know what you come up with.
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