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I would be up to making the ribbions to wear agian this year . But this year still have the drawing ,figure a way to make it fair for everyone that did keep it all wk. Last year it seamed that alot of people lost theirs during the week out riding , maybe it was just the way they where pinned on or where it was pinned. Maybe hat tacks to hold them on this year so there's not so much of a chance of it flopping around and catching on things. I think it could of been the pins themselfs coming undone when they got pulled on , dose'nt take much to tweak a safety pin out of shape
I think if we have a prize already dedicated to the drawing at the begining , people might make it a point to try not losing it .

OH and i'll do the ribbions for the sleds too. Would anyone be up for some kind of sticker honoring the event ? Just something to put on your sled, truck, or trailer to show your support to a good cause


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