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If "going green" were being driven by the market rather than by legislative mandate I suspect you'd find deeper pockets to which to call. Unfortunately, I think the cleaner technology is costing the companies dearly and the are probably stretched both to warrant as well as to properly test their products before they hit the snow, water, or road. Such has also been the case with Polaris and their 550 fan I believe. I know outboards have also had some of these issues. (Consider the failure of OMC as they were switching over.)

I won't tell you you're going to have to suck it up; I don't think we should. But you will discover who your friends are. (My old OMC dealer is my outboard dealer for life after they covered the warranty when BRP refused to after their take-over.)

In my case it made me a bit more gun-shy of the new technologies for now. I simply fell back on the already proven new/old carbed four stroke Honda system as my choice for an outboard. (That's been seven years of no regret!) I almost think that Yamaha - who "bet the farm" on four stroke, and who seem to have it figured out- may be the best choice in reliable new sno-mo technology at this point. I am not convinced yet, that we can rely on LC machines for our very hard snow conditions so I'm not ready to pull the pin. However, as my old rigs all begin to accumulate over 10,000 miles, I'm sure I'll have to be looking in the next year or two.

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