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sticking with what you like

Howdy All-

Been awhile since i posted but thought (for those of you who know me) I would drop a line and say Hi, and ask your thoughts/opinions.

about a year ago i had posted a topic on my 660 Turbo which had since blown sky high. after 18months of searching and rebuilding i finally got it back together and running (with alot of help of course) The sled now makes me nervous (mainly cause i know what it would cost top rebuild it again)

So I am heading back to a proven chassis and sled I once owned years ago-

In 2002 i had purchased a new pantera 550. I had put almost 4k miles on that machine in 3 seasons and really enjoyed the ride quality of the sled. I had traded that in on the 660 in 2005 and had missed it so much i purchased a 2001 the following year as a spare. Hence i thought it was time to clean shop and start over.... from the beginning

So now im going back to my old riding days and (hopefully) should be picking up a pantera 800 this weekend. I like to honk down a lake but I have always appreciated the ride quality that long tracks have had (so have others telling by the direction alot of the companies are going)

Some of my friends have questioned my intention to purchase an 8 year old sled when there are so many great sleds that have surpassed it. I never really asked more out of my touring machines and im wondering if lately maybe too many of us are starting to get greedy with what we can get.

Whats your thoughts on machines you have owned and either went back to or would go back to despite there age?

Hope to See ya'll out on some deep trails

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