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I'm currently running a raft of older machines, none of which has less than 10,000 miles on it. Well, the 340 Edge in the salvaged 500 body with parts from all sizes of machines from 550 fans to 800 may have less. But everything else: the 97/98 combo Indy Trail RMK has 16,000 or 24,000 depending on which odometer you read. And the 99 550 Panther will be little more than an original body by the time I get a new (used) crankcase and crankshaft for it. I love that heavy old machine which has hauled me around for 12-13,000 miles, which may explain, in part, why the outer bearing races had begun to channel their way into the case. I guess I shouldn't complain though as the crank itself had allowed some of itself to diminish where the rollers themselves run, and new rod bearings were in order. Gotta get my wife's 440 Panther (01) going agin soon also.

I just can't love the present generation of machines I'm seeing.

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