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Nothing wrong with technology at all. Unfortunately, not all of that is aimed, ultimately, at benefitting the actual end user. Take the 550 Polaris fan for example. I don't know the true goals behind its advent, but cleaner running was likely one of them. And perhaps it succeeds at that. But look at how much "reliable" they threw away in going that way. Polaris built some very simple, yet reliable, long-lasting fan motors in their older stuff.

And look at where the industry has followed with body styling. What happened to purpose-built, working "iron dogs"? Looking at so many of today's designs with an eye on attaching a proper tow-hitch is dismal. And on how many of the newer rigs can you actually get at, let alone work on the carbs when you're waist-deep in snow at -5 and stranded?

When I see technology in snowmachines have some "wow" in terms of real function, not simply a cool sound and jazzy get-go for a season or two, then I'll bite.

(I should add that 'Cat has probably stayed truer in several ways to some of what is needed in a working rig, though they too have followed the idea that bigger [motor] is better.)

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