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It is differences of opinion that made this one of the more interesting posts that I have been involved in. *We had a great discussion.

Rocketman - Machzzz1 still has you beat for lengthy posts - I actually printed one of his and read it in the john once! *It was a long one.....

For what it is worth, I re-read the thread and stand by my posts. *As does Al. *We have agreed to disagree and life goes on.....

Happy sledding!


Ride Hard, Ride Safe, Ride Sober.......And Everyone Lives to Ride Another Day
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I agree 100% that the diversity among us is what makes this so interesting and the reason I keep coming back for more. I also believe that criticism, a lot of times, can be contructive, others times it can be mindless. I thrive on the contructive, it was my primary goal along with the warning to all to be on your gaurd for "situations". I believe that goal has been accomplished and there are still interesting comments being generated because of it. I have no problem letting them continue and would encourage any and all but may I ask that they be held until the entire string has been read (get it straight Bud&#33 and there has been some thought behind the comments added.

I have no hard feelings towards anyone that has responded. If I were easily offended I would have taken Paul's advice and deleted my note early on. Frankly, I'm overwhelmed by the positive thoughts and support generated for the most part. I also believe that new friends have been made, mostly because it has been shown that despite our differences, it has been proven that among ourselves, we have even more in common. Nice to see people sticking up for what they believe in. Good things follow when that happens.

I'd like to apologize for my last post, Snowcat14. Not for what I said, but how I said it. I've been encouraging responses from people with their thoughts with one hand, then ripping on them when they do with the other? It was not called for, and could have been handled in a much more positive manner.

One more point, then I'll get off my soap box, this is getting long. Rocketman brings up a good point about riding a sled length apart. Although we really were when we came around that corner, it doesn't happen often. We hadn't been riding like that long, maybe a mile or two. It was more of a sprint. I still do not believe we endangered anybody (yea, I know, Thundercatzr, except ourselves) for nobody but those among us knew it happened, or does on any other occasion we are able to. We are a safety oriented group and Rocketman is exactly right, there is a lot of snow dust generated by the time you get back to the 3rd or 4th sled. For the conditions to be right there must be enough wind coming from your side to keep vision to necessary levels.

So think about this, in passing situations, the speeds involved can be a LOT higher than we were running at, the distances between the sleds a lot closer, the competency levels of those involved unknown, the trails may not be familiar, and anger and impatience can be involved, yet that string doesn't seem to be developing anywhere near the passion this one has. What's up with that? Anyone?

Would you think it would help if I were to post a note that everyone could take shots at me over?


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Al, should a woman have a kid in the center of the trail. No.
Maybe you should have stoped and told them about the danger.
I think that would have helped more and you may have found out something was wrong
or if they had a problem.

"People, I'm trying to steer this conversation to be about responsibility, and the
question is: Assuming you are comfortable at speed, have you considered, and are
you willing to accept, the consequences of your actions? Completely?"

You are accepting the consequences of your actions. But the consequences WILL impact much more than just YOU! I understand this COMPLETELY!
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Hey Al apologize accepted.I ment no offence by my statements, but without all the facts everyones going to have a input to your story or situation.I"m not one to critize people and I hope you wouldn't be the same.As I stated even Hearing Impaired people have the right to enjoy the beauty of winter in the mountains.And maybe they were inexperienced riders on rental sleds.And without stopping you accumed the woman and her group was drinking or drunk. I find it hard to believe that on a family outing that people would be drinking and driving sleds(sort of shows your kids its all right to drink and drive?).I have to laugh out load at your comment on how I didn't read all your story(went back and had to read it 4 times) to see where I missed the part of passing at walking speed ,sorry still cant find it there Al maybe you can point it out to me"lol".Here in Wa. State we dont have the trail systems you guys have(we have gromed trails which are logging roads that are winding and twisting roads getting us to open meadows or hill climbs)and as for us there is no speed limit either. We also enjoy the occasionally road racing so maybe we all have learnered something from the story.Like toydoc says stopping and telling inexperienced riders of the dangers of stopping on the trail when exiting a corner(which was never said which way there sleds were going,with Al and his group or heading in the other direction?).Had the other group been going in the opposite direction then (Al) they did do the right thing by stopping before the corner so that riders going in there direction could see them.So with this I leave my comments and no offence Al,just a concerned sledder like yourself(30 yrs experieced sledder).Toydoc loved your comments and makes me stop and think myself

The wife says next time I go sledding she's going to leave me,gosh sure am going to miss her.
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I dont know where this conversation is at but from reading micahicks first post my opinion is that micahicks was riding responsably otherwise he wouldnt have stoped intime. *

The stupidity belongs to the people in the middle of the trail. *No one stops in the middle of a highway and a trail is just as bad. *

When you need to pullover on a highway you go to the sholder. *Same should be done on the trails.

If in a worst case sinario micahicks accually struk the people in the trail i would still stand behind him and say its not his fault. *The snow and conditions change all the time and there is no set rule that says at 50km i will be able to stop in 10 m. *

If he hit them no dought he would be blaimed for it and probably in a lot of trouble and every anti snowmobiler would have a hayday. *But what can you do. *If i were coming accross the top of a hill doing the limit and theres a women and kid there I would probably veer of into the ditch but somtimes it just doest work out that way. *

Lets not kid ourselfs and pretend snowmobiling is safe. *Trail riding should be considered a extream sport because of all the people on it not using there heads.
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