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I got my new sled last friday and have had it out a few times, but I was pretty dissapointed. I wasn't dissapinted with any engineering problems, just suspension set up. the dealer didn't do anything to the sled... every spring was as loose as it could be and the track ratchets horribly!!! I've heard how this sled is a drag racing monster, but every time I accelerate hard it sounds like i'm running through rocks (is this what track ratcheting sounds like?). I can feel the center shock bottoming on the littlest bumps and I tightened it a lot, but I don't want to tighten that too much because The sled also pushes in corners like no other sled i've ever ridden. I had my '02 ZR out last night compairing the two and the ZR feels like it's on rails compaired to my 7c.

I just need some help with what I should have the suspension set at for a 160 lb rider. I have confidence that this sled will improve once I get it set up right.

What should all the shocks be set at for a very aggressive rider?
What should the limiter straps be set at?
Do I need the coupler on?
How should I measure track tensoin?

Thanks for your help
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Wow that is so unlike any rev ive ever ridden. This sled bites so hard in the corners it should throw you off.

Did your dealer put carbides on the skis. LOL.

Ok. First of. On the belt gaurd or somewhere under the hood there is a sticker that has what bombardier recommeds for a persons weight. Find your weight and set it to that. It will tell you what position to put all the shocks at.

When you lift up the back of the sled does the track sag and how much. It should not sag more then 1 inch. To tighten loosen the bolts on the rear idler wheels. You will have to pull out the rubber plug. THen there are the two adjusting screws on each side. Turn them in equally till the track is tight. Not to tight though you want it to sag a little but not ratchet when you go to give it. A loose track can also effect handling. Once the track is set right re tighten the idler wheels. Also make sure the track is running straite by running it in the air stopping it and checking the distance from the sliders to the metel cleats in the track.

Im 6,6 275 and ive only bottomed it out after a 5 foot jump over a drainige ditch. My suspention is at its loosest so i dont know whats going on with you. If i cranked mine to the hardest setting it would be to tight IMO.

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If you've only bottomed it once do you think there's a problem with my shocks? I have the front springs on 4, middle shock halfway between the threads, and the rear sprins are on the third height and it still bottoms. I havn't tried the limiter straps and the couling to try to improve the handling yet. I know that the bad handling is not typical of a rev and that's why i'm disappointed. I'm going to do some major adjusting tonight and hope all's well after that.
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If your 160lb and your bottoming out the X package blair sled with the suspention half way then somthing is wrong unless your really driving and jumping the #### out of it.

Are you sure its bottoming and doesnt just feel like its bottoming.

About the pushing. What kind of snow are you running it on. Powder, Groomed trails, Freash snow.

When i first drove the rev it was after a fresh snowfall with no base. The rev pushed everywhere and my mach handled and cornered much better. But the moment there was some base it was oposite.

Also the persision skis Suck in powder, but rule on trails.
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I weigh just over 200lbs and my settings are on my 800X (pretty well the same as the 7C sled) as such. Front shocks I set at #4, the center shock I SOFTENED it from stock a few turns and the rear springs I have on the second tab. It used to push "out of the box" but now it turns like its on rails. My machine will bottom out when I hit a big jump but thats about it. When I do bottom out, its no big deal as I am standing and then it becomes a nothing. If you make it too stiff, you will not use all your suspension travel and then you will get a real harsh ride and start bouncing all over the place... kinda defeating some of the machines qualities. I left my coupler in the stock position, when I moved it fat side back, I got alot of track spin.

Maybe you have some bad shocks? Take it back to the dealer and get them to look at your track ratcheting and get them to check out your shocks.
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Contact Cudney Racing, they have some good set-ups for the doo's.
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im 175
the front on 4 the front rear half way down and my blocks are fat side down, also pulled the strap up 1!
i think if your pushing you might be leaning back i was pusshing until i leaned foward and out in front! works mint no complaints best sled ive owned!
takes some time to get use to
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