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Machzzzz1 went about 100 feet then stopped. He realised he would be faster walking. So off he went to get help for his Mach.

He came back with a local with a flash light. Mighty, Machzzzz1 and the local were looking over the powerfull 809 engine when Machzzzz1 realized that it had been tamperd with. Plug wires were cut and wires were shorting. I only had one good wire so i fixed the other two so that hey werent shorting and started it up on one cylinder.

All of a sudden i noticed Mighty was missing. I figured it was he that tampered with the plug wires. He was probably hoping that with the engine running poorly it would smoke more giving him the 2 stroke fix which he was not getting on his RX-1.

I made it to the local dealer and got new plug wires and plugs.
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after machzzzz1 got his sled all fixed up he decided to go he better hurry and beat todatop to the bar at jackson. he flew as fast as he could and managed to get there just before todatop.

as the two of them sat in the parking lot chatting they seen rocketman bouncing at the bar , everyone knows he has the fastest feet in the world, he was kicking out troublemakers before they had a chance to cause any trouble,

a minute later powderboy walks in and rocketman launches him into a snowbank so hard just his feet are hanging out and says, " does anyone know what size boots powderboy wears, i think i just booted him, " and he hears someone yell..........
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HELP, HELP, it was high and mightyRX1.Seems he was trapped under the piggish weight of the RX1.He tried to make a corner and being that he is not a very good rider, he blew it and the RX1 rolled over on him. It took Rocket,Powderboy and all the others at the bar to winch the RX1 off of high and mighty, whose legs were broken and had to sit the rest of the winter out. Muskoka.doo came with the ambulance to take high and mightyrx1 away. Muskoka.doo said he would be back with his Rev to ride as soon as he dropped high and mightyrx1 at the hospital. We all piled into the tavern to wait for Muskoka.doo to come back, Rocket and Powderboy were gonna............
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Rocket and Powderboy were gonna............ but wait! did you hear what I just heard Rocket said. It sounds like Kiote just pulled up on his sled. In to the tavern Kiote did walk, his RMK idling there's no time to talk. The snow is falling we must go ride. We are waiting for Muskoka.doo, well he is stuck outside. The tavern got up and with no surprise there in the snow was Muskoka.doo up to his eyes. The Doo's were stuck and the Yamahammers too. The tavern turned to Kiote, what shall we do, We are all stuck the tavern did say. Kiote just smiled, that is why you should own a RMK. Up on his sled Kiote did leap, and over the mountain that was step. One heard him say as he rode out of sight, Polaris rules and have a good night. They all turned and went back inside all were thinking I wish we could ride. The chatter was loud and began to ring they were all saying we won't be able to ride till the spring. This story is true I must say.......

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Then lady K woke up from her dream (apparently the meds they give her at the home cause wierd dreams) only to find............
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kiote woke up cause this all was a dream, and he stepped outside and boarded his machine... sure the rmk is great but as he trecked through the powder a big mountain cat with an 8 passed him by. Who was the rider he thought to himself and with a smile a jolly voice announced... "it is me santa the jolly old fat man, how do you think i get all over the land, by air seems nice but not as nice as my 140HP cat" so he......

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... got his big belly stuck on the handle bars cause cats have no room to sit, he went flying into a ditch, he was now really mad, he came and grabbed mx_462's sled and travelled the land, but now he was catching up with one of those cats, when all of a sudden...
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he ran out of gas! The ole 2 stroke just wasn't as fuel efficient as the tiny Four Stroke Trail cat, and santa had to deliver to all the greenies inside Yellowstone on a sled would be satisfactory for them, but after he delivered to all those greenies, it made him think. After seeing all those greenies complain about snowmobiles and how mad they are, I've decided to deliver all of my presents by dogsled. So into every yard he went, and it just so happened that the dogs went in their yard too Which gave the greenies even more guff about stuff in their yard that they allowed snowmobiles on each and every one of their lawns, only if Santa would agree to deliver them by reindeer where he belongs. Meanwhile, back at Chip+Dales, PowderBoy had just gotten off his shift when......

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He saw santa still trying to deliver all of the presents. He was running far behind and daylight was soon to come. Santas dog sled worked out but now he had to make it over the ocean for over seas delivery.

THey desided they needed to build a big jump. That took about 1h and when it was done santa stole a Machz parked outside the club. He took a few practice runs and then went to the back of the parking lot exactly a 1/4mile away from the jump.. He turned around. They would have to wait for the wind to be perfect and the gravitational pull of the moon the be absolutly perfect. There was only a 4 min window.

The Mach was warmed, 20 seconds in counting before he had to pin it. He pinned it and nothing. The lights went dim. The handwarmers cold. The Mach stalled out. now with 2 min left in his window of oppertounity he had the cowl up and was looking for the problem. He found it. Fuel valve was shut off. He flicked it but now it wouldnt start. He ran the carbs dry. He was pulling and pulling, and finnally it started. And with 11 seconds to go. He pinned it. With the weight of the presents and himself the mach hooked perfectly. He hit the jump with 10 seconds to spare. And away he went.

A normal sled would have stalled out becasue of the elevation but the DPM system adjusted and kept things going good.

Back at the club a flame trail from the back of the parking lot to the jump was just starting to die out. There were chunks of torn rubber and ripped up ashfalt from the parking lot. The 809 does that.

Thats when mighty RX-1 noticed that santa forgot a few presents. So he jumped on his RX-1 and attempted to do the same thing. He hit the gas collaped and went thru the jump and had a head on collison with a Mack truck comming around the corner at 80.

The truck was totalled and the RX-1s front bumber broke. Mighty tryied to get help for the driver but it seems that his RX-1 really hit the truck hard and it was to much for the driver who was now out of concisness.

Paul Yarek showed up and...
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saved the day, so paul saved he truck driver, brought him back to consiousness, he then looked at his watch, and noticed he was going to be late for work at the strip club, so he took mightyrx-1's rx-1, started it up, took off, but only got a couple feet are realized that he would be better to walk rather than take that slow tank, but then came along..................
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