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Old TURBO difficultys

A friend of mine who loves vintage F/A sleds is putting a turbo on a Polaris TX 440 F/A, because he has never seen one before. I like that. Enter the problem, while fitting it to the exhaust we thought we would twist the halves. When we twisted it the shaft stopped spinning easily, the cases separated a little and will not fit back together. It goes with out saying that we became pissed off at ourselves, because now we must take apart a turbo that has not been made for years, whose company has changed, that was never in large production and is difficult to get info on. I removed the exhaust half but the intake side eludes me.
It is an Arocharger model# A2500 by Aerodyne Dallas. (Isn't Aerodyne the company that will make the T-1000 Terminator?) I think it was built for the first gen Polaris Indys.
Any information on this beastie would be appreciated. But the challenge is to get the intake half off without damaging the vanes.
Thanks much! And Good Day!
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