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If your engine is like my 600 or 700, there's an acoustical pick-up that is listening for detonation. If it detects det a certain times in a minute, it retards the timing to keep the engine safe. I wouldn't disable it, it's a failsafe if you fill up with 92 octane and the fuel is junk. It can keep det from pounding your engine to death.

You can look for the sensor on the air horn side of the hood under the head water cover, it's a do-nut looking thing with one bolt through the middle attached to a short wire that has a plug attached to the other end. Sometimes the sensors go bad, check right at the sensor for fraying or a break in the wire. (I'm not sure that's the location for the sensor on the monoblock engine, but that's the location on my 600 and 700 engines...)

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