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Brand new Summit 600 ETEC died first weekend

Time for a sad story! After ten years of riding, repairing, and modifying old obsolete snowmobiles (which I loved and took me on amazing adventures), last week I went in to the local Ski-Doo dealer and bought a brand new 2015 Summit SP 600 E-TEC. I've been running the same old sleds for over 5 years now and the newest is 15 years old, I felt I had paid my dues and deserved a new modern sled. I went with the Ski-Doo for reliability. Reliability!!

First the good, it is an amazing rig and the power is stunning at the ~4000 foot altitude areas that I ride in. It has more bottom end pull than my 800 and is a match for my old 700 on top end. It just goes where you point it and is a lot easier and more fun to ride than the old tub chassis sleds. Incredible fun bouncing through powder pillows. Basically it is the sled I always wanted. And the computer is still in break-in mode...supposedly the performance will improve after that's over.

Except it died. 3rd riding day of it's first week, at about 70 odometer miles, going slow down a powdery trail that had a lot of fallen tress in the way. Coolant temp was below half, I give a touch of throttle and feel it start to die. It starts beeping, the check engine light came on and the display said "check engine" and then it shut off. And that was it, completely dead as if it had lost electrical.

I was riding with one of the dealer's shop mechanic who had done the dealer setup. He was riding my old 800. He looked over everything and could not find a problem. So we had to tow out of a very powdery situation for 15 miles. Luckily my old 800 was up to the task, despite a broken torque stop, and we towed it back to the trailer without issue.

And I just dropped it off at the dealer SK Northwest for warranty service. I guess we'll see how it goes. I am afraid it will drag on for weeks and I'll miss prime mid-winter riding time, but I'll report back either way. So far this is definitely the worst reliability of any machine I have ever owned!

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