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Yes, my friend the sled mechanic and I have been riding for a very long time on these old Polaris 151" RMKs. We had the same initial reaction to the new sled: "I can't believe how good the traction is". The increase in precision maneuverability is also stunning, although that was more expected. You take lines that would be stupid on the old sleds, and you just know you are going to make it because you feel the increased level of control. It's going to be a while before I learn the full capabilities of this thing, as it keeps surprising me with what it can do.

My girlfriend loves it possibly too much, she is jacked to go sledding every weekend now. Last Sunday it was full-on raining and she knew we would get soaked, but she wanted to go anyway - and was happy about it afterwards. It has made her a true sled addict in a very short time, which is priceless. So I don't really get to trail ride it very much, but that's ok, I get plenty of quality time off trail where it really matters. The old 800 is still a blast on trails with it's superior top end power and top speed, so everybody is happy.

Oh and I got 14 mpg last weekend riding fully rain-soaked slop, about as heavy and sticky as it gets. It used 2.25 times less fuel than each of the old sleds, which also got fewer miles since they were often parked while we took turns riding the new one. And the engine computer is still in break-in mode after 125 miles, so I haven't even experienced the full power/efficiency yet. Pretty sweet.

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