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1982 ET-340T with no spark

So I was out all day today on my ET-340T and had no issues until I stopped to have a lunch. 15mins later I tried to start her up and no spark. I first thought it was the coil but it is brand new (month old) and my other "known to be good" coil doesn't work either.

The headlight bulb (which was ok last night) is blown. I replaced it to see if it lit up when I pull the recoil starter. It does.

I just tested all the wiring and switches and they are good. I'm leaning toward either the CDI or the stator. I know there is pretty much no test for the CDI, but how would I test the stator? I know some power is being generated because the headlight bulb flashes when I try to pull it over, but is it not enough to cause spark?
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