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Mawilley 02-24-2019 10:06 AM

What should i know/do???
Just got an 08 polaris 550 it only has about 600miles on it but it has been sitting for 3-5yrs was told it needs fuel pump no idea if it was summerized. what should i do to it before i try starting it besides gas/oil/plug/fuel pump change

SnoKing 02-25-2019 08:55 AM

Check/replace fuel pickup line inside the tank. I think there is also a filter attached to it in the tank. See if there is an external fuel filter and check/replace that. If it has a fuel shutoff valve pull that and clean it. I frequently add some injector cleaner to fuel and some octane booster.

I recently bought a1996 SKIDOO 500 that ran very strong and had been sitting. Registration expired in 2015. Ran very strong but wouldn't idle. Cleaned the carbs and then it didn't run as strong, but we got it to idle after it was warmed up.

I figure the jets were dirty making it run lean and that is why it ran so strong. Was glad I didn't push it in the dirty condition or it may have burned a piston.

Good luck

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