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    Hello i've been trying to find an olav aaen clutch tuning handbook and carb tuning handbook. every website is sold out and there are none on ebay. i'm just getting into racing and have a lot more to learn and lots of people recommend this book. does anybody have a used one that they are not...
    Does anyone know the spec for Mikini 38mm carbs for a 1997-1998 xcr 600 motor? I have looked for the spec and have seen mixed specs wherever I look with many people saying different things. I also do not have an air box as the sled did not come with one when I bought it not to long ago but it...
    Can someone knowledgeable tell me what external carb adjustments can be done on this model? Sled's running super rich, hogging gas and oil, and bogging down in powder
    Just got this sled and both carbs have a little block sticking off the side that has two additional brass nipples sticking straight up. Fuel and oil already hooked up so all I can assume is some sort of carburetor warmer? I might be way off here.
    I just picked up a non-running '91 Exciter EX570R. It needs a least one new carburetor, however I'm having a hard time finding one specifically. Does anyone know of where I could find myself one (or two)? Or is there a better alternative to put on the sled? Thanks!
1-5 of 5 Results