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    I got a 1994 trail Indy that is having some problems. It will run and drive for a little bit and it is backfires then stalls out. It will start back up if you prime it but it won’t stay running . It has all new gas lines and gas pump. It gets good spark and everything I just don’t know what...
    Hello! My dad asked me to replace the shocks on his 2004 Indy 500. He said it was leaning to the right when its just sitting there, so i ordered the part and got to the house and replaced it. Well it still is leaning to the right. The whole sled.. then I noticed there was damage to the right...
    Hello all. Looking for some measurements off of a 94-95 Jag or equivalent sled. With the 121" track. Pre- ETT .( I believe that's what it's called) I have a skid that I'm putting in a older sled and I need the skid mounting bolt measurements. Unfortunately I just bought the skid and I don't...
1-3 of 3 Results