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    Hello! My dad asked me to replace the shocks on his 2004 Indy 500. He said it was leaning to the right when its just sitting there, so i ordered the part and got to the house and replaced it. Well it still is leaning to the right. The whole sled.. then I noticed there was damage to the right...
    Bought an old sled, it'll fire with starting fluid but dies. Replaced the battery, relays, compression test, fuel pump is good just not pushing fuel. Now the box has a constant red light on. Any ideas? Thank you
    NEW TO THE FORUM. Recently picked up a 92 Indy 500 EFI. Been searching through the forum to find a post with this condition. There is no "ready light" when the ignition has been cycled. Fuel pump runs, good pressure. good spark, good compression. Checked voltage to the ECU at pins 11 and 15...
1-3 of 3 Results