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    Hello, as I'm constantly swaying between thinking "this is fine" and "this is not fine" regarding the noise my newly rebuilt engine is making. I thought I would come here to ask more knowledgeable people who might have experienced and run an engine like this before. I've ran the sled for about...
    Just got this sled and both carbs have a little block sticking off the side that has two additional brass nipples sticking straight up. Fuel and oil already hooked up so all I can assume is some sort of carburetor warmer? I might be way off here.
    Hi there! I purchased my first phazer last year in March. It’s practically mint, engine is rebuilt and in great shape. It’s been running good as far as I’m concerned since then until January of this year. It wouldn’t pull, probably hydrolock. I got it fixed, and it has carb problems. It was...
    I have a 87’ Yamaha Phazer Deluxe I picked up a couple years ago that I’m trying to fix up as a backup sled and for ice fishing. Sled is in decent condition but I’ve run into numerous problems. Initially it was running on only one cylinder. So I have replaced the plugs, cleaned both carbs...
1-4 of 4 Results