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    Does anyone know the spec for Mikini 38mm carbs for a 1997-1998 xcr 600 motor? I have looked for the spec and have seen mixed specs wherever I look with many people saying different things. I also do not have an air box as the sled did not come with one when I bought it not to long ago but it...
    Does anyone have access to a 2009 Polaris IQ Shift carbureted 600? I have the wrong Cdi box and it’s not running right. If I can get a photo of the white label with the year and part number on the side of the box which is in plain sight when lifting the hood then that will help me find the...
    My Rush 600 has been through a lot of problems in the past week, I'm trying to get it all figured out but I'm stumped... First off, I keep blowing headlights. Been through 3 pairs in the past two days and both highs and lows go out at roughly the same exact time as one another. Checked all the...
    Can someone knowledgeable tell me what external carb adjustments can be done on this model? Sled's running super rich, hogging gas and oil, and bogging down in powder
    Hello, I have a good running 99 Polaris xc 700 with a bent chassis and friend has a clean 2005 Polaris xc 600 with no motor and I was wondering if it would be possible to swap my motor into that or what would have to go into it? Thank you
    I have a 1993 Polaris Indy sport 440 f/c sled that has a super bad bog at low rpm then it takes off like a rocket ship. It has good compression and I've cleaned the carbs out 3 times. I just don't know where to look anymore. I need to hurry up and fix it before i sell it. Any places I should look?
    Hello. Newbie to the forum here. I bought this 2002 Polaris XC600SP a few weeks ago. When I test drove it, it ripped. I at least thought it did. I took it out on the trails for the first time today and it just doesn't seem to hit top end, or even close to what I think it should. I was...
    Hey Gang I'm looking for some thoughts. I have a 2001 Polaris classic touring 550 fan 3700 miles. E-start and reverse runs great. Also a 1999 XLT with a 600 triple (liquid obviously) also reverse electric start. 1800 miles. X12 suspension. Condition is similar on both sleds and I'm wondering...
    Hey All - I just bought a 2003 Polaris Classic 600. It has electric start installed but not working. I bought new battery, solenoid, and circuit breaker. Wiring all looks good from what I can see. Where should I look next? Starter? Ignition? Thanks!
    Bought an old sled, it'll fire with starting fluid but dies. Replaced the battery, relays, compression test, fuel pump is good just not pushing fuel. Now the box has a constant red light on. Any ideas? Thank you
    NEW TO THE FORUM. Recently picked up a 92 Indy 500 EFI. Been searching through the forum to find a post with this condition. There is no "ready light" when the ignition has been cycled. Fuel pump runs, good pressure. good spark, good compression. Checked voltage to the ECU at pins 11 and 15...
    Hi, I have an 88 Indy trail fan (488 fuji) that is having some issues. I got it with a seized engine so I replaced it with another 488 fan. I got it all together and it fired right up but was smoking badly and wouldn’t rev up at all. I cleaned the carbs, changed fuel lines, fuel pump seems to...
1-12 of 12 Results