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  1. SKI-DOO
    2006 GTX 500ss. Just purchased used... Was out riding the local "goat trails" and the engine temp light came on. We were going slow and had air temps was above freezing, Im wondering if the the temp light only flashes or does change to solid when the engine gets hotter. By the way, I did try...
  2. STOLEN!
    STOLEN!!!!! Last night a black Trailer and our three snowmobiles were stolen from the Flying M Truck Centre on Colonel Talbot Road near St. Thomas Ontario. Sled #1 & 2 2009 Ski-Doo 600 MXZ tnt 50 yr anniversary edition (the plain yellow one still has the Quebec plates on the left side); Sled...
  3. SKI-DOO
    I have a 1989 Formula Plus, and I've been scouring all manner of forum trying to see if anyone else has had this situation, to no avail. Everything I see says that the 1985-88 Plus's came with the 521cc Rotax Type 537 engine. From 89-onward, they were supposed to be the 536's. I have read here...
1-3 of 3 Results