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    I got a 1994 trail Indy that is having some problems. It will run and drive for a little bit and it is backfires then stalls out. It will start back up if you prime it but it won’t stay running . It has all new gas lines and gas pump. It gets good spark and everything I just don’t know what...
    Hello, I have a good running 99 Polaris xc 700 with a bent chassis and friend has a clean 2005 Polaris xc 600 with no motor and I was wondering if it would be possible to swap my motor into that or what would have to go into it? Thank you
    Hi I came across this sled in a friends garage and i was wondering if anyone had any info on it Thanks!
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    i recently bought a 1980 Yamaha Enticer 340, i dont really know a lot about these snowmobiles, it has a carb issue, when the enrichment cable is out of the carb, it idles high but makes power, when the cable is in the carb (not turned on) it idles good but doesnt make any power. Also it needs...
1-4 of 4 Results