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'01 800xcsp help

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Recently added an SLP single pipe/silencer, SLP clutch kit, boost btl, boyeson reeds (stock cages), and SLP airbox mod with tubes removed.  Running 500 mains, clip in 4th, stock needles & pilot @ 0-3000' and temps from 10-30 degrees (lately need to jet for 60 to 70 degrees

Problem is high idle...4100-4200!!  Idle screw backed completely off & screws @ 1 1/2 turns out. Tried at 1/2, 1 & finally 1 1/2.  Can flip choke & bring idle down but goes back up right away.  Scared I'm on the edge of tooo lean!!  Checked plugs at WOT & they looked ok, maybe a little on the lean side but more golden than white but not sure how to fix pilot circuit.  Sled VERY strong throuout powerband, and EXCELLENT throttle response but high idle has me nervous...My CR 250 would do this if you tried to turn idle knob/enricher enuf to maintain an idle. It would "hang" when you let off gas, doing that (this should be good) ding-da ding-da ding-ding-ding sound that goes along with an over-lean circuit.  Sled does this too, though not as bad.  What do I need to do??  Would loosening cables @ top of carbs help (but the slides appear to be completely closed already)?  If I jump up a size on my pilot won't my off-idle power suffer.  When I turned screws in to 1/2 or 1 turn there was basically no change in idle speed, but my response suffered so that's why I'm back to 1 1/2 turns out.  I'm lost!!
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This sled has the rack style carbs right,if it does the little thumbe screws on tha sides of the carbs are fuel screws and the more you turn them out the richer it gets (oposite of kiehns or round slid michs) the idle adjust screw is on the top next to the cable . does this help?
yeah that makes me feel somewhat stupid.  I had no idea this was the case...several people I had talked to said in was richer, out was leaner.  You sure about this??
Yes I am sure since I am a Polaris certified tech
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