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01' mxz700

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To all of you Doo Pilots.
My brother has a 01' mxz700 adrenaline (upsidown shocks, dpm, progresive rate springs, etc.).
I am a Cat guy and don't have the "SkiDoo go fast hand book" for him.
The sled seems to be set up very good from his dealer.
Top end: 108 (radar gun)
He thinks it should be quicker because my Cat (A 99' zrt600, clutched) is
taking him on the top end. (I am at 112 on the gun).
I only get him on the top end. His sled will walk me untill about 70mph. That's when
I gain and finally pass at about 80mph.

What does the mxz700 like?
Heel clickers? Will air box mods work with the dpm?
The pipe from the factory seems pretty good.

He just switched from Cat with this sled, so this is now a "friendly" war we are having.

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no air box mods. crankshops twin pipes make some power ,if your a clutching guru there are real good gains there,if not goodwins kit rocks.boyesson reeds help.
TAXICAT,try a cylinder shim kit.they are usually good for 5-10hp in the mid and top end.look for polar industries in ontario,they make a good one .
5 to 10 horsepower is a TON to pick up just by juggling the port timing with gaskets or shims. if you want a quick thing to try experiment with the gearing maybe going down 1 or 2 teeth on the top  it probably will let the motor rev freeer on top  and may let it gain some mph.
the head only compensates for the compression loss with the shim kit.I doubt that there is that much power with it,on the 700 twin.what worked good on one 700 is gearing up one on the bottom.
The head does not just compensate for the compression loss.. its a different chamber design than the stock 700 its more like a 670 chamber. If you ever saw the two side by side you'd know they were different.
Clutch it, and go with a DynoPort pipe, DON'T go twins!
Belleville.. did you get the thundershift arms to work?
I friend of mine has a FZ700 with Crankshops and it ran with his dads Speedwerx 800. Hee woked on the clutching alot and it is difficult to dial in. As for the Polar head making 5-10 hp I'd be leary. I had one last year along with porting and Aaen twins. The whole setup was tough to dial in. I was told the head and shim kits make a much bigger difference on the triples then on the twins. This year it was ported by a different motor man, RK Tek head, and was clutched by GLH Racing. I couln'd be happier.
i think ronzx9 is right. the shim kit does work better on triples as i was basing my opinion of the polar head on my experience with it on my 98 triple.i put a speedwerx head on my 800 twin and it didn't hurt the performance but it really did nothing to improve it did give the machine better gas milage though,i went from about 8mpg to about 11mpg.
why not the twins?they work great and make more power than stock.
black sled is a 00 700 with crankshops twins and the yellow is a 00 700  has stock pipe.blacky is much faster than ole yellar trust me.
I haven't had a chance to tweak the Tshift arms anymore.

As for the twins,I have yet to see a person post about a big difference these have made. Yet I have heard lots of people say how happy they are with a single DynoPort. Twins a going to entail alot of tuning, more than most people will want to get into.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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