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02 efi fuel pump problems?

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I have had 3 friends who have had the same fuel pump problems on their 02 efi machines. Machine wont rev up with out bogging out and a whisteling noise comming from inside the gas tank. Anyone else had a problem?
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Arctic Cat has problems with their 02 EFI sleds.  4 of us bought ZR 800 Cross Countries this year and one of us has had the exact problem you described - Fuel Starvation problem with the noise in the tank.  In addition my friend whose sled had problems works with a guy who bought two new EFI sleds for 02 (ZL 600 and a 800 Pantera) and both of his sleds had the same problem the same day when was out riding with his wife.  Brought the sleds to the dealership, they ordered 3 new fuel pump kits to the the tune of $1000 a piece and installed them.  Dealership called them to come pick up the sleds - My buddy's sled was fixed, but the other two sleds failed before he could get them on the trailer?  Since then, the dealership said that after discussions with the factory, they believe it is the smart valves and have since ordered another new fuel pump kit and smart valves.  I live in the Twin Cities and every dealer down here has replaced at least 5 fuel pumps this year.  I believe it is the smart valves - 2 in each tank in line with the fuel pick up hoses (rumored to have been changed for 02) that are burning out the fuel pumps.  The problems seems to manifest itself between 100 and 400 miles.  Arctic Cat needs to do a recall, and if not, all you guys riding 02 EFI sleds may want to check into this before your warntees are up.  What sucks is the snow levels this year, there has really not been enough snow to seriously ride, I think that if there was more snow on the ground that more people would be seeing these problems.  I have just over 100 miles on my 800 and it has been flawless, GREAT SLED! - but I am worried - we will see what happens this weekend!
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I had plans to head north for some sledding this weekend - hooked up the trailer to the truck this morning ... I am working a 1/2 day today ... When I went to start the sled (ZR 800 EFI C/C) I heard the whinning from inside the tank.  We'll be headed over to the dealer later today to drop off my "new" sled for repair?  So from the 4 sleds (all ZR 800 C/C's) that myself and three friends bought 2 have now had the same problem that you all here describe so eloquently - I understand that Arctic Cat is getting the repairs done under warantee but I can not remember seeing any coverage for a ruined weekend.  Now if I ran a business ... could I afford to have 50% of my product be defective?
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