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02 efi fuel pump problems?

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I have had 3 friends who have had the same fuel pump problems on their 02 efi machines. Machine wont rev up with out bogging out and a whisteling noise comming from inside the gas tank. Anyone else had a problem?
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I do not want to sound like a know-it-all, but I have been working on this issue since the 5th of January.  At 250 miles my ZR 800 CC exhibited the same problems as discussed in previous messages.  The following Monday one of the guys who I work with that bought 02 Pantera 800 and a 02 ZL 600 came and told me that the 600 broke down on the trail because the pump was whining and the machine would bogg out under throttle.  While he was towing the wife's machine home, the Pantera developed the same problem.  Both machines had 250 miles on them.  All three of the machines went to the same dealer on the same day.  The first course of action the dealer took was to replace the fuel pumps in the machines.  They test drove them and called us and said "Come and get them, they're ready.  They guy I work with went to get them and they both developed the exact same problem as he was loading them on the trailor at the dealership.  "Hummmm", guess it's not the fuel pump.  The dealer then tried replacing the smart valves in all three machines and the fuel pumps again.  Dealer called and said "They're ready, we got'er this time!"  (This was two weeks after they were dropped off)  So end of story?  Not hardly--Read On!!   The Pantera and the ZL again died within 5 miles of eachother after about 40 miles were put on.  My Cross Country did not die during the short ride I went on.  So this guy I work with has had his sleds back at the shop still.  It seems there is the potential for the smart valves to be defective.....all of them.  I have talked to the factory and told them about the problem....first they have heard about it.  When I talked to a dealership in the Cities (MPLS/St.Paul) they say they have seen 50 so far, and every dealership around has too.  They tell me the factory is going to do a recall and they expect it anytime.  (I surmise the factory is telling the consumer, "First we've heard of it" and telling the dealerships we're going to do a recall at some point because they need to re-engineer the design of the smart valve.  (I am not sure but I believe the smart valves used in the 02 are a different design or from a different supplier that the 01 smart valves).  In fact the dealership working on our problem asked the factory if they could try a 01 smart valve in an 02 machine.)  So any way I suspect the reason the factory has not announced a recal yet is because they do not have a properly functioning replacement part to put in the machines.  O.k.  We know it is the smart valves because the dealership tested them on the bench and sure enough it locked up.  Here's what the story is now, and we're not sure if it will work.  The rear smart valve seems to be the one locking up and causing the problem.  The rear valve is vented, the front valve is not.  The dealership put a non-vented valve in the rear and wants to try that so that is this weekends test.  Will let you know if it works.  Here are a couple of tricks.  If the machine develops the problem there is air in the pump and you need to purge it out.  With the machine idleing, rock the machine side to side (Hard!!&#33
several times, then lift the ### end and slam it down like you're clearing the track.  Do this until the problem clears.  (Side to side first, then back not vice-versa)  Secondly, carry a wire coat hanger in your trunk.  The rear smart valve is middle to middle right side of the tank.  You can fish that some-##### up through the gas fill opening because she's got a long hose on it.  Bring that bad boy up and out of the tank and hit it on the tank.  This will unstick it and you can ride again.

Well, that's all I know.  Hope it helps.
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