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02 efi fuel pump problems?

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I have had 3 friends who have had the same fuel pump problems on their 02 efi machines. Machine wont rev up with out bogging out and a whisteling noise comming from inside the gas tank. Anyone else had a problem?
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Posted this the other day in another Cat post:

Went down to Java area(NY- south of Batavia) yesturday seeing that their trails still have a great base.  About 15 miles into a terrific ride I couldn't keep the sled(2001 ZR600EFI) over 4000 rpm's.  If I totally let of the throttle and gunned it I would get the full burst for about 2 seconds then it would bog.  Noticed that the fuel pump inside the tank was whinning a high pitch as if the tank were empty-but it was full.  Haven't taken it to the dealer yet but explained the problem, and three of the sledheads agreed that the fuel pump is probably starving for fuel(pinched line,bad fuel regulator in tank, hose off inside tank)what to you guys think.  I bought this sled form a private owner in the spring in which it was brand new.  He bought the sled by the spring 2000 snowcheck and by fall he went to a ZR 800 so the sled was never used until I bought it this past spring.  This was my second run this year in which I already had put 80 miles on the first run-no problems.  I had the extended "Aftercare" warranty transfered to me- I hope it covers this problem if not I hope AC will help me because a sled with under 100 miles should not have any problems and if so, take care of your customer.  This is my first Cat and I hope it nor the company lets me down.
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As said in my earlier post my 2001 has the same problem so I don't think it's just the 2002's.
Called CAT customer service yesturday, thanks to the number provided by  They told me that they have heard of the problem and are in the process of figuring out what to do.  They currently do not have a direct replacement to correct the situation.  My sled(2001 ZR600 EFI) is out of the manufacturers warranty and is currently under "Aftercare", I hope they cover the replacement of my current valves until Arctic Cat comes out with a recall and replacement for the smart valves.  The valves cost about $40 a piece U.S. plus labor of course.  I know that even the newest sleds aren't free of all problems, but with less than 100 miles on it I feel I shouldn't have to nickle and dime the damn thing.  This is my first brand new sled and first CAT.  I decided that making resonable monthly payments($99/month) was better than nickle and diming a less than new sled.  I'll be damned if I'm going to both make payments and pour money into this sled.  I'm not bashing CAT I'm just a little frustrated and it doesn't help that it's my first CAT.
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