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Hey guys...My wifes sled is the 2002 500 mxz fan,And I know it's not going to perform like it's big brother the liquid, But when I test rode a friends 00' 440 fan I thought it ran pretty quick and he said he could run up to about 70 mph. I got the 500 because it's just right for my wifes first real trail sled and my 12 year old son. But I get stuck on it once in a while and I can only get 60 mph or so out of it. Just wondering if anybody has messed with this model, It has great low end torque and jumps out of the hole,The TRA is set on 3,wondering if I should regear it a little. Are the 440 and 500 geared the same? ???
Any info would be great...
Thanks Again.
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