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Ok I got a 02 440 ProX f/c and I'v got this bogging problem that I cant seem to get rid of.
When the sled warms up after like 5 min and u try to take off it will rev 2 about 6grand and hit a brick wall! So i checked the timing and its only at [email protected] the book says it should be
[email protected]'s. I changed the stator and the prob is still there which leaves me 2 think the cdi is bad. How do I tell If the cdi shot? I heard that some 02 had bad burns on some cdi's is that true?
If so how do I know if I got a bad one?[/b]
I had the excat same problem with my 02 440 Mxz-X it would fall flat on its face at 6000 rpm the CDI Module on it , the rev limiter failed or something or other ,but replaced it and the Skidoo was fine
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