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02 zr 600 rear suspension

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With out foot of snow yesterday I finally got to run the full tank of break-in fuel out of this sled.  I was able to put about 70 miles on question is,

I have heard others mention that they have went with a stiffer set of springs for the rear suspension.  I would like to know if these stiffer springs are available from Arctic Cat or other after market source.  I like to ride as aggressively as my ability permits.  I weigh about 225 but solid and think the stock springs could be a little stiffer.  I have to admit that after riding with the new suspension, it kind of seemed as though I was floating on air sometimes and felt like I hadn't even ridden.  I didn't notice any bottoming out.
If anyone has any experience with this or can make a suggestion please reply.  The cams are already rotated in the stiffest position.
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I upgraded to the stiffer springs on my 02 ZR 600 EFI. I have them in the second position with the cam blocks. I weigh 200lbs and think the ride is awsome now. I felt the stockers were too soft. They are worth the money in my opinion. I don't hesitate to hit any big bumps any more I just go for it.
I have the same problem on my 02 ZR500CCE.  The springs feel soft when the sled is just sitting in one spot, but while I am riding it never bottoms out and feels fairly stiff.  I am not really sure  why they act this way.  Let me know if you find anything out.
Just an idea I'm tossing out there.... but.... for 02ZR500CCE, do your springs feel soft all the time or after you have ridden a while?  Has it done it since day one or has it slowly gotten softer?  Maybe, just maybe, and I'm going out on a limb here, maybe its the shocks?  can't say either way, but might be something you want to check.....


i have a basically brand new 00' zr (400 some mi) and i have the exact same problem--i totally rebuilt the rear shocks and also have the cams cranked all the way up--i go about 230, and the rebuild just didnt do the trick--everyone says go with heavier springs--i hope so cuz mine are sqauttin pretty bad--keep us posted!
thanks for all the replies, I hope Iron Will replies as to who,what and where regarding the stiffer springs.  Does anyone have the part number for the stiffer springs for the 02 ZR 600.

Side some serious seat time on some trails yesterday, I'm very impressed with this 600, even my riding partner with his Thundercat 900 is scratching his head at the acceleration.  I had all these plans for mods, etc. I'm now wondering if it is even worth it, how much longer do my arms need to be stretched.  I also have a 580, but this 02 600 is like a "jack rabbit"
I have an 01 ZR 800 LE,I weigh 260 and have the rear suspension set as soft as it gets.My brother has an 02 800 CCE setup the same as mine and it's alot softer.You might want to check into the 01 le rear springs.I was told that they were stiffer than the 02's.
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bought at dealer, $30 each (roughly), Arctic Cat springs
PN# 1604-380 and 1604-381.
You either have one of the two following springs, depending on your sled:
ZR 600 Std: 1604-818/-819
ZR 600 LE CC: 1604-442/-443

IF you tell me which sled you have, I can tell which P/n is a bigger spring.

As far as i can tell i have the std 02 ZR 600 LE or CC

these are the std spring numbers I get from my parts manual 1604-818, 1604-819.  I guess it would be a good idea to get a performance manual.

Also, does anyone know if stiffening up the front coil over shock in the rear skid would help stiffen up the rear?

Thanks again,
It appears that the 1604-442 /-443 would be heavier springs for you.  I'll email you the pages.

sorry was looking at wrong part number. check new post next page.
Iron Will,
  The AC performance manual, it says that to use the -380/-381 springs that they have to be cut to length. Here are the specs on these two springs:

Wire Dia   Angle   # of coils   Coil width  Length D   Length E
  .452         90       8.75         4.53       16.00         5.70  

Wire Dia   Angle   # of coils   Coil width  Length D   Length E
  .452         77       8.75         4.97       22.00         8.00  

Did yours get cut to length?  If so the springs would be very close.  Unless you think that the coil width makes a difference?


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You have to cut them to length. the coil width does make a difference. The angle on the spring also has alot to do with it also. You can use the other springs but as i said you won't notice much of a difference. There are several different springs you can use. But the ones I recommend are the ones that I used that the dealer told me to use. I think they work great. check with the dealer to make sure. It all depends on how stiff you want to make the rear. I like to hit some pretty big bumps and i get on alot of rough trails. These springs seem to work well for my riding style.The original springs were square, the ones I have now are round. not sure what the diff is there though.
Also the manual does not have a listing for the 1604-818-819. They are a new spring being used this year. Thats why I talked to the dealer. The other springs that were mentioned are used on the LE models are used with the clicker shocks. They are calibrated differently than the standard shocks. Thats why I am saying that there may not be much of a difference. The Le models are not that much stiffer than the standard models. The stiffness on those sleds is primarily done with the shocks not the springs.
Thanks for clearing that up Iron Will.  I see your point about different springs with clicker shocks!

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