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03 F7 Tunnel Noise ?

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first of all i want to introduce myself im new here and i hope you guys can give me some heads up! As you know i own 03 F7 it had 516 mls on it when i got it. i have sence put over 300mls plus on it,but whats really annoying me is that it has this load tunnel noise thats just driving me crazy.we removed the suspension and inspected everything and all is well,we had a few bougy bearings with some stiffness too them but we really dont belive this could be the problem.a freind of mine pointed out that when they installed the picks from the dealer from the previous owner. they installed the picks so that they are running under my bougies and the plastic runners? is this ok? is this normal for this as he stated he had never seen them under the plastic runners before. I like the sled and i would like to keep it but if i cant solve this problem i mite just sell it.... its very annoying

thks Bill
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mine makes that same sound,,, almost like a low humming noise when you get it going,,,, it could be the studs under the bogies and yes you can do that, it doesnt hurt anything. I have mine under to bogies on both my standard and my sno pro track and I havent tore up any of the rubber on the boggies with them,,,, I would run it and not worry about it,,, it isnt hurting anything,,, by the way, when I switched to the sno pro track, the noise isnt bad at all,,, not nearly as noticeable as it was with the standard track.
well thats good to know thanks for the reply
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