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03 Xc800 Seized Inner

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Hi guys,
I just rebuilt an 800 twin that had orginally cooked the PTO bearing(5400 miles) and broke the CR pin,I had a shop do the lower end and I did the rest.we had to go with another set of cases because the PTO bearing spun in the case and the crank had to be replaced (none of the orginal items were used). Well the new motor had about 90 miles (not hard,only break-in miles) on her when an inner bearing(between the two flywheels) went.

I was curious as to what may have caused this,these don't usually go,especially in a new motor.
Is there something that may have caused this?
I'm on a good relationship with the shop and their taken of everything,he was pretty suprised too,to see an inner go.
any thoughts? Thx Brian
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i have a 2002 polaris xc800 the bearing seized on the crank at 3000 miles, the dealer rebuilt it all and i have a 500 mile warranty, they said it was because i had an mpbr can that was cracked not giving the engine enough back pressure... not sure though if it goes again i hope its in the first 500 miles lol
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